Chess Mistakes (we love them really)

Chess Mistakes (we love them really)

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Chess Review, August 1948
green pawns

This problem appeared in 1898 Scotsman by Mr W. Finlayson

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With the caption: White to play and mate in 4 moves.

In the next edition we learn that the White Knight on b8 is infact a Black Knight.

How did these things happen? In them days you sent in your problem
in Forsyth Notation. The above position would have looked like this

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You can see how easily it would have been to misread that especially if the
person setting up the page was not a chess player and not forgetting it is a
chess problem which at first glance can often look like a random position.
If it was a position from a ‘normal’ game the mistake would be spotted..

For example here you can see right away something is wrong. (or would it. read on...)

The problem as it was originally printed is a mate in three.

So we can see how important that Knight on b8 was. It stopped the Qc6 ideas.

Here is the corrected position.

Now it is a mate in four moves.

Speaking of mistakes in chess positions I recently came across this chess stamp.

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It is from a Tal game and of course that Bishop on d3 is a White Bishop
A mistake I find hard to accept, surely someone would have noticed it.

And books. How on earth did they get this date wrong (from Edward Winter’s site)

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And lets not forget the ultimate over the board mistake. Resigning a won game.

I came across this position in...

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It is also No. 236 in ‘Blunders and Brilliancies’ by Ian Mullen and Mo Moss.

A classic case of a player resigning in a won position

Béla Sándor - Zoltan Herendi, Budapest, 1948

1...Rxf7 Nxf7 mate. 1...h6 2.Nxg6 Mate if the Bishop moves then Qxh7 mate.
The threat is Qg8+ and Nf7 mate. Black resigned. But there is a saving move.

The answer, but try and find it first
1...Qf2 and Black wins

By the way a few people are looking for the score of
this game. If anyone can help then please let me know.

And now you will be expecting a whole bucket load of Red Hot Pawn games
with players resigning in a won position. It is actually quite difficult to search
for games where a player has resigned in a won position. You need to be sneaky.

One method I came up with was to look for this basic position with White wins.

And quickly go though each position and see if any pop up with possible defences.
I looked for games from 2020 till the present and nearly gave up. But thankfully....

Pudge - PB1946, RHP 2021

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