Chess World Cup 2017 we have a winner

Chess World Cup 2017 we have a winner

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Chess World Cup 2017 we have a winner

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red pawns

The 2017 Chess World Cup has finished. Lev Aronian won it.
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I thought we would take a look at some incidents and some games.

The sponsor had the board around the wrong way.
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A good start, but everyone is doing it these days. This lad in
‘The Great British Bake Off’ had the board completely wrong.
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(Yes 80% of the world is starving and B.B.C. have a let’s bake
food and throw it away competitions - you could not make it up.)

No doubt you have heard about the ‘Great Shorts Row.’

Oh My God, what has Nigel Short done now? Nothing.

The World Cup organiser , Zurab Azmaiparashvili was not too pleased with
how the Canadian (born in the Ukraine ) player Anton Kovalyov. was dressed.
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During the course of this fashion debate Azmaiparashvili called Anton
a ‘gypsy’. Now where I come from that is a compliment but to Anton
apparently this is an insult and felt the only option was to walk away.
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That hugged the headlines for a few days and even over-shadowed
Magnus Carlsen going out of the tournament beaten by Bu Xiangzhi.

The event was won, eventually, after a four classical game final
and two tie break rapid games by the Armenian, Levon Aronian.
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The critical 2nd rapid (25 minutes) game finished thus:

Ding Liren - Lev Aronian. World Cup Final (Tie Break) 2017

OK let’s have a look at some other games from this event.

Here at Red Hot Pawn we have a saying, It’s the site’s motto.
“If you see a good move don’t play because it is probably a blunder..”

Viktor Erdos - Bassem Amin World Cup 2017 (Black to play)

Black spotted the Skewer on the 3rd rank and went for it.
67...a3 68. Rxa3 Rh3+ Gotcha!

69 Ke4 Rxa3

OOPS! Stalemate. Black should have played 67...Rb4

Another stalemate except this time it was meant.

Jan-Krzysztof Duda - Vassily Ivanchuk World Cup 2017

Next we see a failed attempt at a Stalemate.

Anish Giri - Sethuraman P Sethuraman World Cup 2017

RHP has over 100,000 stalemates. A lot of them feature captures like
the note on the last game: “...White might take on b4 and stalemate.”

theo13 - fred S RHP 2017

We stay with Stalemates. This was in the semi-final

Levon Aronian - Maxime Vachier-Lagrave World Cup 2017 (White to play)

Of course White did not play 1. Qxb3 stalemate but 1.Qa6+ 1-0.

Have I mentioned 100,000+ stalemates on RHP?

truthisnow - Sir Laughalot RHP 2014

Checkmates under promoting to a Knight are not unknown but quite rare.

Martyn Kravtsiv - Ding Liren , World Cup 2017

White in check tries one last frantic trick with 1. Kb3 (if 1...a1=Q 2.Ra8+ and
Rxa1 is a book draw.) Instead Liren played an Under Promotion Mate. 1...a8=N mate.

Bu Xiangzhi - Peter Svidler World Cup 2017 (White to play)

The commentators were saying this one looked like it was going to be a draw
because now there are too few pawns for Black (being the exchange up) to win.

They put the ‘commentators curse’ on Xiangzhi who found a way to lose.

Next is a wee bitty unkind because Black is in a nasty looking a blunder is coming
soon position. But always instructive to show how blunders happen (or so I’m told)

Pentala Harikrishna - Yuri Gonzalez Vidal, World Cup 2017

Lets us end this with some nice Chess. A variation not played but the charming
idea behind is well worth showing. Watch the pawns out run a King and Knight.

Pavel Eljanov - Aleksandr Lenderman World Cup .2017

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