Cooked Rooks and Queens Sacs

Cooked Rooks and Queens Sacs

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Cooked Rooks and Queens Sacs

“I bet you some lad on here has fallen for that.”

These were my first thoughts when I saw this diagram….

Chewed Diagram

….in Kotov’s book, Chess Tactics.

Kotov's Book

Duck! Stop taking bites out of the pictures and diagrams.

This is the unchewed diagram in Kotov's book.

It was fairly easy to work out the opening moves that led to this position.

But I was wrong. The one chance on RHP for this position to arise was in
klaf - Chess1 RHP 2008 and here.

Black played 8….Qf5 instead of 8…Qg6 inviting the 9.e5 trick.

No blog material there then. Time passed and recently I am playing over some
Tarrasch’s games from his 300 Games.

Tarrasch's Book

A pleasant coincidental surprise popped up

Tarrasch - Ketz Nuremburg 1890 White to play.

White played 21.Nf7 offering the Queen, if 21…Rxg5 22.Nh6 mate.

Tarrasch also mentions in his notes…

I have a theme. Tricks based around Qxg2+ .

baburas - Ullichamp RHP 2003

There are some brilliant shots coming up but I’ll sneak this one in.

Kresten - 2advent RHP 2009

You have heard of the phrase: ‘The last throw of the dice.’
Kresten does not have any dice to throw so he takes of socks and throws them.

Here Black uses this week’s theme to pull off a neat mate.

dubnikova - Ensoo RHP 2010

ianp - roge25 RHP 2010
White grabs the QNP with a Queen and losses.
Black grabs the KNP with a Queen. and wins.

This one is good. Store Black’s first move.

Browser - Bobby Chess RHP 2009

And not forgetting…..

ItalyBoyBlue - Sci Fi West RHP 2009

This one will raise a chuckle.

Finally an OTB game.

Neustadtl - Valenta Prague 1891.

Black to play. (solution after the Duck’s bit.)

The Duck

Hi Guys, an interesting game from Rd 2 of the 2012 Championship.
Black misses a wee trick from White that cost Black a piece.
White in typical RHP fashion give it back one move later.

Black then throws a Rook at White for a very cloudy position.
White appears to spot the threat but does not deal with it correctly and has to give
up his Queen or get mated.

MEGASERV - Torenhoog RHP Championship 2012 Rd2.

A look at one line if White plays 19.f4.

Neustadtl - Valenta Prague 1891. (the solution)

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 149342

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  • Posted 2556 days 16 hours and 6 minutes ago
    Standard memberOtto Bergstrom
    Thanks I really find your blog posts interesting and very insightful. Keep up the good work!
  • Posted 2585 days 19 hours and 5 minutes ago
    Standard memberkaspan
    Wonderful blog as always GP! The duck chewing up idea was very interesting! 🙂 And so was all the serious chess stuff! Thanks!
  • Posted 2598 days 1 hour and 55 minutes ago
    SubscriberPaul Leggett
    Duane Eddy, Peggy Lee... I can't wait for the music blog. If I made a chess movie, you would create the soundtrack!
  • Posted 2598 days 11 hours ago
    Not too long once I have a theme.

    The Duck chewing things up was an idea from months ago.

    RHP threw up 10 possible games, the chosen positions
    were fairly easy to note up. I was listening to a Peggy Lee
    CD and did the last one just as it finished. (19 songs).

    The hard bit was selecting a game for the Duck.
    Need something for the vast majority of casual players and
    also try to interest the stronger players.
    Still not sure if Black meant the Rook sac. 🙂
  • Posted 2598 days 23 hours and 45 minutes ago
    What a GREAT blog! How long did it take you to get all this together? Kudos 😀
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