Dive Bombers, Tanks and Pins.

Dive Bombers, Tanks and Pins.

The Planet Greenpawn

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King Arfur

Hi lads.

438 games have finished since the last blog where I gave the download.
Most of the games this week have came from the new batch.
The leader board. (the top 20) looks like this.

Top 20 Scores

In the Championship you get 3pts for a win.
In the above table I have made it 1pt so you can get clearer indication
of what has happened. (Anyway most of you cannot divide by 3.)

So without further ado let us trail though the swamp of misery and despair
of this weeks selected games and positions.

green bar

What one player sees and another player misses is what Chess is all about.

White to play.

This position appeared in two games.
st40 (2191) as White saw it but albinos as White (1951) missed it.

st40 - tetos RHP Ch 2012 (and not albinos - jharker RHP 2012)

And now two games where Castles (0-0) supplies all the fun.
In the first one castles is a roll of the dice.

Looker - Fylgja RHP Ch 2012

We join the first game with Black to move and he comes up with a pin-breaker.

This is good. I’ll add the grades to show the lads that grades of 2000+ do not
mean that you do not miss things and that anybody can be caught with an uppercut.
Let this one sink in. Always look at least one move past the winning move.
(and …Check all Checks.)

Phillidor284 (2036 )- adje (1887) RHP Ch 2012

On Planet Greenpawn a few orbits ago we saw a game where Black had
checkmate in one move, missed it, and was checkmated on the next move.

The 2012 RHP Championship has given us another one.

topgunner - pawntificate RHP Ch 2012.

Back rank mates seem to be the theme this week. Here is another.

topgunner - smokers21 RHP Ch 2012

Black here played 22…Rxa2?? 23. Rd8 Checkmate.

When you have two tanks on the rank it nigh impossible to lose.
If you cannot drum up at mate. You usually have what they call…

rdhopeca (1251) - chuphone (1446) RHP Ch 2012

…..Blind Swine.

White, as what happened in the rdhopeca - chuphone game, just keeps checking
with the Rooks.
He could have gone for a possible a win here but it would mean taking a tank of the rank.
That is why I’ve added the grades. White took the Blind Swine draw.

So what could have (and should have) happened in topgunner v smokers21

“You protect the front Tank and the rear Tank mates.

vorgod - Julses RHP Championship 2012

The last game is usually reserved for Cartoon Time. But this week we end with
a nice game. OK it’s one sided and a shot was missed.
But it’s neat nifty finale (plus the tragedy in the notes just before it) and the ease
with which Black built up his powerful position should inspire.

QuickDrawd4 - VinceNet RHP 2012

green bar

OK. Let us stay with tradition. A cartoon.
(often the most instructive part of the Blog.)

cabbages - xela RHP Ch 2012.

White had the chance to go for the classic Double Rook sacrifice.
This was not seen. Black then offered the minor classic One Rook Sacrifice.
White saw that one. He took the Rook and was mated.

Here is the Missed ‘possible’ Double Rook sac,

And that is that for another week. Time for an advert.

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The RHP lads on here. (who else do you need to trust?) like it
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(You have ended on a better cartoon…this book…….Russ)

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