Don't Think Ahead in Chess.

Don't Think Ahead in Chess.

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Don't Think Ahead in Chess.

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"When you don't know what to play, wait for an idea to come into your opponent's
mind. You may be sure that idea will be wrong." Siegbert Tarrasch 1862 - 1934.

(That is not Tarrasch………..Russ)

I know but all the pictures of Tarrasch are copyright. and I cannot
very well take my own pictures of him……he’s been dead since 1934.

(but you are good at drawing, do a drawing of him….Russ.)

dave drawn

(forget it greenpawn, just get on with it….Russ)

So this week we look at players having ideas when if they had not
had the original idea or simply ignored it they may not have lost.

I’ll start of by showing an OTB game between two strong players.
Then we see the RHP lads having ideas. There is a strange coincidence.

M. Ulibin - E. Sveshnikov, USSR, 1988

Some examples from Red Hot Pawn. I could do the next 100 blogs on this theme.

This one too involves White playing Qg4. Maybe the lesson is don’t have Qg4 ideas

mattsand - uhf RHP 2008

Maybe it is the move Qg4. Let’s test this theory.

Augustkim - JBMermaid RHP 2014

And in this one I cannot help feeling that this Qg4 was OK it was just misplayed.

carluke - Poisbois RHP 2014

So this week we have learned don’t do anything. First one to have an idea loses.
RHP Doom

We start with the White Queen failing to apply the brakes.

Millwall Bill - scwymstr RHP 2014

In this next game Black has a choice of four moves that draw and three moves that lose.
If Black had chosen one of the four drawing moves we would not be seeing this game.

Kavkaz - BomberB RHP 2007

Last one and we return to Qg4. This one is Qxg4 with a check winning a piece.

dikkedaan - cameronypark RHP 2014

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