Exchange Sacs in The Sicilian + The Ascent of Mount Evans

Exchange Sacs in The Sicilian + The Ascent of Mount Evans

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Exchange Sacs in The Sicilian + The Ascent of Mount Evans

And then I saw the title of this thread...

"Playing chess on top of Mt. Evans CO yesterday, 14,265 ft elevation"

....posted on the Chess Forum posted by TimmyBx User 351818
with a link to the tale of his conquest.

At last a real man who plays Chess.
No more having to deal with bedroom boffins who get a nose bleed walking
across a thick carpet. I have found a Chess playing adventurer, a seeker of thrills
and excitement. A man's man.

Shunning injury and laughing in the face of death Timmy and his mates roped
themselves together and climbed one of the highest peaks in America just
because it was there.

With blistered and torn hands they pulled themselves up the craggy cliff
fighting off hunger and exhaustion carrying with them nothing but a bottle of
water, a camera and a chess set.

I thought of them shivering at nights in their thin tent waiting for each cold dawn
so they could they pursue their lifetime goal.
Play a game of Chess on the top of Mount Evans and get the picture posted
on Red Hot Pawn….and here it is.

no title

Wait a minute…..
Where are their rucksacks, where are the tell tale signs of frostbite?

I read on,

“Mt. Evans has an elevation of 14,265 ft, and has the highest paved road in North America..”

They drove in a car all the way to the top!

What a bunch of wimps. And look, they even wore climbing boots in the car.
(I bet they tied themselves together in the car and sang happy climbing songs.).
What a swizzle.

Oh and there is worse to come. They are playing Chess alright.
Look at the position.

no title

The b-pawn is still on b2.

They did not even play an Evans Gambit on the top of Mount Evans.

I even had a competition all ready to celebrate their achievement.

RHP Competition No.118

no title

Colour in the diagram on your screen, it’s an Evans Gambit.
Send me your monitors and the winner will get a two week holiday in
Lake Wookypooky where you can drink all the water you want..

green bar

On the chess forum players were discussing how certain tactical themes seem
to occur more often in particular openings.

I'll use this as a theme with examples as always from games played on here.

Everytime a Rook attacks a Bishop or Knight you should always look at
what happens if you should sacrifice the exchange.
(A Rook in most circumstances is better than a Bishop or Knight and
exchanging a Rook for a Bishop or Knight is called losing the exchange.)

The exchange sacrifice in the Sicilian RxNc3 usually followed by Nxe4
is a common tactical feature in that opening so we will look at that.

The bones.
In the Open Sicilian Black gets a ½ open c-file and a Rook on c8 usually
eyes a Knight on c3.

The c3 Knight holds the e-pawn, Black chops it with the Rook and grabs
the e-pawn with a Knight.

Going solely on material White gets a Rook for a Knight and pawn but the
Knight when it lands on e4 is very strong and with the c3 Knight gone the
the Knight can be sunk onto e4 with pawn going to d5.

Some RHP examples.

medullah - najdorfslayer RHP 2008

bdh191 - ludde RHP 2007

aho74 - Martin65 RHP 2009

Look how many times Black refuses to win back the exchange
by giving up a Knight for a Rook.

lastpawnstanding - stephenwale RHP 2004

Where we see a Rxc3 and Nxe4 turning a loss into a win.
Not only do you have to be alert to play this trick, you must be alert
to make sure it is not played against you.

We end with an example by one of the sites top OTB players. David Tebb.
(It’s not often that we meet in this Blog a lad who has beaten v Kasparov on his CV.)
Thread 3438

GalaxyShield - David Tebb RHP 2007

And here is David's win Kasparov with his own notes..

Gary Kasparov - David Tebb User 21234 simultaneous display May 1989

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