Fischer Spassky Game 6 (The RHP Way)

Fischer Spassky Game 6 (The RHP Way)

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Fischer Spassky Game 6 (The RHP Way)

The cover of the June 1972 ‘Chess Life & Review’ published a few
months before the Fischer - Spassky match. Brezhnev and Kosygin
are asking Spassky, who has a pile of books for defences v 1.e4 what
he will do if Bobby does not play 1.e4. A prophetic magazine cover.

Of course I would now be expected to slip in game 6 of the ’72 match
where Bobby stunned Spassky and everyone else by playing 1.c4.

That’s too easy, what I can do is nick a moment from game 6.

Bobby Fischer - Boris Spassky, Reykjavik 1972

Fischer has just played 37.Qe4 and is now threatening 38.Rf8+ Nxf8
39.Rxf8+ Qxf8 40 Qh7 mate. Spassky spotted it and played 37…Nf6.

Take the pattern…

…search the RHP Database looking for a similar idea and I have the start of a Blog.

I found one and of course in typical Red Hot Pawn fashion it’s a total cock up!

gcyrus - woody65 RHP 2012

The same pattern pops up in the following game but a different result.

jebry - luizandre RHP 2013

OK enough of Fischer - Spassky Game 6. Let’s look at some other RHP games.

I nearly dismissed this game as it was shaping up to be a walk over.
Then I noticed that Black actually wins it. I should know
by now being two pieces up RHP never guarantees a win.

joeboy69 - Xenpak RHP 2014

Next we see some instructive and interesting moments from an RHP game.
White is messes up a common tactic them then makes a common mistake.

Huntingdon - f1list RHP 2008

Title here

So we stated with Fischer playing 1.c4 back in 1972 and we finish with a trio of RHP
disasters that began with 1.c4. The first has a cunning opening novelty on move two.

MrPinkie - anticyclone RHP 2011

Following on we see a Black Knight checkmating an English Opening in ten moves.
It could have and should have been nine moves but Black missed it first time around.

FisherKing108 - woodyb52 RHP 2013

We have seen a Bishop and Knight mate v 1.c4 so how’s about a Black Rook
giving checkmate v 1.c4. Sit back and engage in the complete joy and misery of…

BustyBeaver - CaptainPat RHP 2013

I close with the ‘Horror that Never Was’ but trust me one day this will happen on RHP.

??????????? - ??????????? RHP ????

Another blog finished. I called it Fischer Spassky Game 6 and never gave the game.
That of course is the greenpawn way. Next week Botvinnik - Bronstein Game 11.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 164528

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  • Posted 1628 days 16 hours and 1 minute ago
    Come Back.

    I need your blunders to keep me going in material.
    The other lads need you blunders to boost their ratings.

  • Posted 1629 days 1 hour and 17 minutes ago
    Standard memberbssrinivasa
    Speaking for a large majority.. Yes!!
    I really like your writing style and it has made me look up your Chandler Cornered - Chess Edinburgh blogs as well.
    It's what keeps me coming to RHP even after taking my correspondence chess to another site.
  • Posted 1630 days 1 hour and 55 minutes ago
    Five Years. Good Grief. According to my reckoning I'm about to post my 188th. I'll see how I and you lot feel after 200. Do you really want more?
  • Posted 1630 days 2 hours and 7 minutes ago
    Standard memberbssrinivasa
    hi gp..
    Just noticed that next week would mark the fifth year of your first blog. Congrats and thanks for all the education/entertainment! Keep it coming!!
  • Posted 1641 days 17 hours and 1 minute ago
    I cannot disappoint one of my most popular readers.

    Next Blog, I'll have a Jack Black combo.
  • Posted 1641 days 18 hours ago
    Standard memberJack Black
    Hilarious. Just waiting for one of my combinations to appear
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