Fischer Spassky Game 6 (The RHP Way)

Fischer Spassky Game 6 (The RHP Way)

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Fischer Spassky Game 6 (The RHP Way)

The cover of the June 1972 ‘Chess Life & Review’ published a few
months before the Fischer - Spassky match. Brezhnev and Kosygin
are asking Spassky, who has a pile of books for defences v 1.e4 what
he will do if Bobby does not play 1.e4. A prophetic magazine cover.

Of course I would now be expected to slip in game 6 of the ’72 match
where Bobby stunned Spassky and everyone else by playing 1.c4.

That’s too easy, what I can do is nick a moment from game 6.

Bobby Fischer - Boris Spassky, Reykjavik 1972

Fischer has just played 37.Qe4 and is now threatening 38.Rf8+ Nxf8
39.Rxf8+ Qxf8 40 Qh7 mate. Spassky spotted it and played 37…Nf6.

Take the pattern…

…search the RHP Database looking for a similar idea and I have the start of a Blog.

I found one and of course in typical Red Hot Pawn fashion it’s a total cock up!

gcyrus - woody65 RHP 2012

The same pattern pops up in the following game but a different result.

jebry - luizandre RHP 2013

OK enough of Fischer - Spassky Game 6. Let’s look at some other RHP games.

I nearly dismissed this game as it was shaping up to be a walk over.
Then I noticed that Black actually wins it. I should know
by now being two pieces up RHP never guarantees a win.

joeboy69 - Xenpak RHP 2014

Next we see some instructive and interesting moments from an RHP game.
White is messes up a common tactic them then makes a common mistake.

Huntingdon - f1list RHP 2008

Title here

So we stated with Fischer playing 1.c4 back in 1972 and we finish with a trio of RHP
disasters that began with 1.c4. The first has a cunning opening novelty on move two.

MrPinkie - anticyclone RHP 2011

Following on we see a Black Knight checkmating an English Opening in ten moves.
It could have and should have been nine moves but Black missed it first time around.

FisherKing108 - woodyb52 RHP 2013

We have seen a Bishop and Knight mate v 1.c4 so how’s about a Black Rook
giving checkmate v 1.c4. Sit back and engage in the complete joy and misery of…

BustyBeaver - CaptainPat RHP 2013

I close with the ‘Horror that Never Was’ but trust me one day this will happen on RHP.

??????????? - ??????????? RHP ????

Another blog finished. I called it Fischer Spassky Game 6 and never gave the game.
That of course is the greenpawn way. Next week Botvinnik - Bronstein Game 11.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 164528

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  • Posted 1297 days 11 hours and 13 minutes ago
    Come Back.

    I need your blunders to keep me going in material.
    The other lads need you blunders to boost their ratings.

  • Posted 1297 days 20 hours and 29 minutes ago
    Standard memberbssrinivasa
    Speaking for a large majority.. Yes!!
    I really like your writing style and it has made me look up your Chandler Cornered - Chess Edinburgh blogs as well.
    It's what keeps me coming to RHP even after taking my correspondence chess to another site.
  • Posted 1298 days 21 hours and 6 minutes ago
    Five Years. Good Grief. According to my reckoning I'm about to post my 188th. I'll see how I and you lot feel after 200. Do you really want more?
  • Posted 1298 days 21 hours and 18 minutes ago
    Standard memberbssrinivasa
    hi gp..
    Just noticed that next week would mark the fifth year of your first blog. Congrats and thanks for all the education/entertainment! Keep it coming!!
  • Posted 1310 days 12 hours and 12 minutes ago
    I cannot disappoint one of my most popular readers.

    Next Blog, I'll have a Jack Black combo.
  • Posted 1310 days 13 hours and 11 minutes ago
    Standard memberJack Black
    Hilarious. Just waiting for one of my combinations to appear
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