Fischer's Will to Win + Ernie Returns

Fischer's Will to Win + Ernie Returns

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The club always looked forward to Grimshaw’s spectacular Knight moves.
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Usually I end every piece with a game from the RHP vaults of horror.
This week I’ll start with a question about one. ‘What Happened Next?’

Haribo1 - Josh S RHP 2013 (White to play.)

How did this game end. I’ll give a few clues.

White did not mate in two moves. Qg3+ and Qg1.
White did not stalemate Black. (answer at the end.}

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People often wondered why Fischer demanded his board be roped off
when he played in tournaments and Olympiads. Here is a possible reason,
Title here

Somewhere in there is Fischer playing in the 1958/59 USA Championship.

page 41 of the February 1950 Chess Review mentions a strange
incident that took place in the Fischer - Kalme game from this event.

The time control was 40 moves in 2 hours so that means the minute hand
goes around the clock twice. On the first hour Fischer’s flag rose and fell.

Nothing wrong with that but Kalme saw the flag drop and tried to claim the game
on time. He got up and informed the controller, Hans Kmoch that Fischer had just
lost on time. Kmoch quietly explained what had happened and told him to play on.

The Fischer - Kalme game is full of drama and is a forgotten (slightly flawed ) gem.
Soltis has analysed it in his Fischer book I've really just scratched the surface.

R.Fischer - C.Kalme, New York, USA Ch 1958/50

As I mentioned this is the easier of the two possible drawing lines.

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Knowing endgame technique is as important as knowing how the pieces move.

Endgame Technique is knowledge. It is not rules of thumb. With this knowledge
you should be able to beat anyone from any of the basic won endgame positions.

Duncan Clarke - rkmmax RHP 2015

Play out this portion of the game. How many mistakes can you see.

So how many mistakes did you see. I caught 3. Here is one.

Here White played Kc5 the straight forward win is…

And here is another mistake, this time by Black.

Another position from the game. White has misplayed the ending, instead
of clearing a path for the pawn before pushing it. He marched the pawn up
the board, It does not matter whose move it is here. The game is drawn.

The 3rd mistake is a trick I wanted to point out from this game.
If we go all the way back to the original position I hope some spotted this…

red pawns

Thanks Ernie, You know what am I wondering. Has anyone on here fallen for that stalemate trick.

Amazingly no! But we do have alenin2700 - nmmolko RHP 2013

And I found this hiding under a stone buried away in the RHP database.

Whocares (1209) - Acemaster (1125) RHP 2010

red pawns

The answer to…..Haribo1 - Josh S RHP 2013 (White to play.)

White did not mate in two moves.

White did not stalemate Black.

Infact the final position was.

White lost his Queen and Black played a Two Queen stalemate.

I’ve tried three times to put the game into a PGN thingy but it
just groans and stops working. Here is the game link Game 10362831
If you go there don’t go alone, take a couple of friends with you.

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