Greenpawn meets Nigel Short and the Motylev Trap.

Greenpawn meets Nigel Short and the Motylev Trap.

The Planet Greenpawn

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Hi, first of all I must answer some of the PM’s I’ve been getting.

Hi, Global Knight
Your cousin is absolutely correct, under certain conditions the
Tournament Arbiter may legally carry out a wedding ceremony.

Hi, Quazzi_Motto
I’m not too sure where can get a voodoo doll. Have you tried E-Bay.
You could of course forgive her, remember she is only 7 years old..

Hi, Numbo the Knobbler,
I looked at the diagram you sent me. You will need a bigger truck.
I also suggest that you delete all these PM’s in case you get caught.

Hi Queen Foraday,
I think the one you are after is called the pulmonary artery but
please first check with someone from the medical profession.
red pawns

I popped along to the Edinburgh Chess Club after Nigel had finished a lecture.
Nigel had no qualms at all about posing with me for a picture with the poster.
Title here

A good lad, we had a few pints (well I did, Nigel drank wine) and he
told us a few amusing chess tales. I asked about the famous Timman walk.

Nigel said they will put that game on his tomb, he cannot escape from it and
mentioned that once whilst on holiday on one of the Galapagos islands, it was
practically deserted yet a tourist recognised him and started talking about the game.

But he was OK about it, supplied some background information about the game and
joked the title of his book of best games will be called ‘Not the Timman Game!.’

Nigel signed the poster,. Next stop Russia to find Kasparov?
red pawns

Did anybody catch the trap that Alexander Motylev set Anish Giri in the World Cup?

A. Motylev - A. Giri, World Cup 2015

This is what actually happened in the game. After Motylev played Rd3

Giri did not fall for the trap instead he played Re8.

That Skewers the e1 Bishop. White resigned.

White was so wrapped up with his own idea that he forgot to look at what
Black might play. An important lesson that one. Even good players blunder.

I wonder if any RHP players have fallen for this trap.
Yes folks! This weeks theme is the Motylev Trap!

tng - Djinc, RHP 2009

This one too features a poisoned QNP. Never take a QNP even if it’s checkmate.

If someone offers you a piece for nothing always pause and try to see
what happens if you take it, always remembering to Check all Checks.

jh4 - soonermagic1999, RHP .2008

More? Ok two more. Here we see Black the Queen sliding one square too far.

Ruprecht - Doctor Gonzo, RHP 2008

Last one, this time it a White blunder that supplies a game for theme of the week.

Luck - MAN O WAR, RHP 2011

red pawns

Mutual Undefended Queen Traps No.18.

Here is a game I played in RHP a few days ago.

Bongo-greenpawn34, RHP September 2015

red pawns

Title here

The White Bishops take both Black Rooks.
The Black Bishops take both White Rooks.

carissima - Mouse01, RHP 2011

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