H.M.S. Red Hot Pawn

H.M.S. Red Hot Pawn

The Planet Greenpawn

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H.M.S. Red Hot Pawn

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Captain Greenpawn and his Red Hot Pawn Crew.

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Jump aboard and throw the compass out a porthole, we go where the tide takes us.
Look at this piece of treasure buried deep within the vaults of the RHP database.

Black to play.

Which Bishop is captured by a pawn. (the answer is both of them.)

darklore - eastern inferno RHP 2011

That White opening dream position...

...figures again in this next game.

connectedman - asc3new4 RHP 2014

and of course from the Black side of the dream opening position.

Nordpolen - robincoup RHP 2008

Nordpolen used that opening a few times, he actually won two with it but as
both games went over 40 moves it never had much to do with the 1.f3 opening.

Here is another Nordpolen loss (sorry mate but you do play some instructive chess)
I’m using this to highlight something I mentioned a few weeks back about taking Rooks.

Nordpolen - mattc RHP 2008

green pawns

This next piece of treasure was given to us by Andre Cheron in 1964.

White to play wins.

All those pawns are on the 7th rank and each one promoters to a Knight.

And this next one was scratched on the wall in the crews quarters.

White to play and mate in 31 moves.

Title here

The crew of course are messing about. Here is what it should look like.

White playing up the board mates in 15 moves. (composer unknown to me)

red pawns

First we look at what happened in V. Ivanchuk - Y. Hou, Shenzhen 2017

Now, as you no doubt guessed, a couple of RHP games where this Qh5+ idea worked.

tombrasil - RookYou RHP 2011

Same idea. It’s strange how one unexpected move often invites disaster.
This game also features both sides playing two needless f-pawn blunders.

eeze - Staf Wuille RHP 2017

To add to the jollity member Venda sent me a game that ends with a suicidal King march.

FvG1 - venda RHP 2019

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