Happy Halloween from Greenpawn

Happy Halloween from Greenpawn

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Happy Halloween from Greenpawn


Romance is in the air, sweet hearts are sending each other flowers and cards.

So to get in the spirit of things I thought I’d look at the romantic Halloween Gambit.

White sacrifices a Knight…wait a minute I’ll do it properly.

Roses are red, Violets are blue,
I am going to checkmate you.

I’ll show a game featuring the gambit that will give you the idea.

MATIC - swagtdm RHP.2005

Title here

Another one so you get a feeling for what…
Title here

Der….It’s Halloween you dummy.
Title here

No. That is the 7th of July….or is that D-Day? Anyway…moving on.

jovaro - Yuri77 RHP 2003

Here I like the simplicity of the White win. Look out for an in-between-move from White and
a missed in-between-move from Black (what is the German word for in-between-move?)

mkin - emmanu RHP 2007

Halloween lovehearts

The Refutation.

Not a forced win but if the above games scares you as Black and some very
good players have lost as Black facing this opening then we offer you this line.

SSJ4GogetaSSJ4 - dimi1 RHP 2006

Of course you can try and hang onto the Knight but you have seen the trouble some
of your peers get into. Hopefully a few of the lads who swear by this opening
will post a few of their games (with notes) in the thread that is linked to this post.
Halloween lovehearts

We close Happy Halloween with this joyful piece of pantomime.

phantom32 - Mankale5 RHP 2012

You are not allowed a help any player with a game in progress on RHP. However
some people did not know this (or they did but decided to ignore the rules anyway.)

Before White moved someone had painted on their bathroom mirror.


The Moon also got into the act.


Paul Legget even drove past their house with his ice cream van. (that was naughty Paul.)


White failed to heed these warnings. If someone puts a piece up for grabs then always
look at what happens if you take it. (Check All Checks again and again and again…..)

Back to the game.

Halloween lovehearts

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 161451

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Comments (4)

  • Posted 1860 days 19 hours and 46 minutes ago
    Is that not Zugswang?

    Zwischenzug is the in-between-move.
  • Posted 1861 days 13 hours and 32 minutes ago
    Standard memberArchrival
    Zwischenzug yes is used in english chess, there is a chess magazine called that too. It is explained to a lot of kids that Zwischenzug is where the position on the board is where you wish you didn't have to move because no matter what you do, you have to make your position worse.
  • Posted 1862 days 22 hours ago
    Hi Fanakick,

    I'll answer in the thread. Might kick off a discussion, I have an idea.
  • Posted 1862 days 22 hours and 43 minutes ago
    Standard memberFanakick
    Zwischenzug it is indeed. I think it is used in English chess terminology as well, along with other german terms like Zugzwang or Luft. In return, there is for example no good expression for (winning/losing) the exchange in german.
    Great blog as usual GP!
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