Heroes + Morphing Morphy + Fried Liver + Knight Mates.

Heroes + Morphing Morphy + Fried Liver + Knight Mates.

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Heroes + Morphing Morphy + Fried Liver + Knight Mates.


‘No More Heroes Anymore’ sang The Clash and this week…

(It was the Stranglers………..Russ)

‘No More Heroes Anymore’ sang a 70’s punk rock band
and this week I set out to prove them wrong.
Alas I am dejected and down in the dumps. There are no heroes.

My hero is Morphy. Paul Charles Morphy to give him his full name
and he was the greatest showman the game has known.

Here is an example of Morphy Showmanship. (there are hundreds to choose from).
Bird - Morphy London 1858. Black to play.

Morphy’s next was reprehended by Steinitz because Black has the safe
(and mundane ) 17.Bg4 and if he played it he would no doubt have won.

But PCM saw the chance to play an amazing combination.

Not for Morphy the crude silent way. He loved the gasps of admiration
and always if possible went the pretty way. One simple example.

P. Morphy - Amateur New Orleans 1850
No mistake in the set up, Morphy played without a Queen’s Rook.

The showmanship was of course 17.Qxd6+ instead of 17.Bxd6.
It adds a certain touch of humour, class, flourish…it’s Morphy.

So, just for a laugh let's see if we have any follwers on RHP?

Well none went the Morphy way though some had a chance and
alas we will never know if Ou Lei was going to show this same class.
After the same serious of moves Ou Lei - raven46 RHP 2007
(playing with the Queen’s Rook!) reached here.

When Black played 16…Kd7 and was mate after 17.Qxd5.

If Raven46 had played 16…Kb8 would we have seen 17.Qxd6! Qxd6 19. Bxd6 mate.

There is a curious mirror image mate in the Fried Liver.
If instead of 7…Ke6 Black plays 7…Kg8.

When can get: 8. Qxd5+ Qxd5 9. Bxd5+ Be6 10. Bxe6 mate.

10 times the opportunity for 8.Qxd5+ to be played has appeared on RHP
and only one guy. has applied the Morphy touch. with 8.Qxd5+
patserx - centerline RHP 2008. So we have in patserx a mini hero.

In analogous positions from the original game.

I find no heroes. Anti heroes, but no heroes. 😉

abiselestes - tomtom232 RHP 2008

saffa73 - There IS a Light RHP 2005
The chance to morph Morphy was blown. Just shows the rich diversity of Chess
that these positions are cropping up from different openings.
Or is that infact proving the opposite?

“Only 23 times.” Quotes Mad Rook in a thread on castling Kingside or Queenside.
Yes Morphy only castled Queenside in 23 of his 400 odd recorded games.

One of course was the famous Morphy at Opera. Not going to show that one.
Lets do one with 0-0 and one with 0-0-0.

P. Morphy Amateur New Orleans 1859
White is again playing without a Queen’s Rook.

Hey! I’ve know why Morphy never castled queenside as much as Kingside.
He played loads of games without a Queens Rook!!

I had better add that a player giving odds of a Rook can still
castle as though that Rook was still there.

Next a castles Queenside game and this features the Morphy Time Bomb.

PCM develops, builds up a great position and waits for his opponent
to make one slip as he is untangling trying to catch up on development.
A device used by all good players today but back then it was totally original
and of course Morphy does it with panache.

P. Morphy - Augustus Mongredien (sound like a character straight out
of a Dickens novel) Paris 1859.

green bar

This delightful finish from an OTB game was posted on the forum.

Solomon - Steadman Australia 2011

I wondered if anyone had missed a chance to mate
with the two Knights like this.
Sadly I found one…….Where are the heroes?

ZorroTheFox - moma RHP 2008

Black here played Nf5 and Nxh4 and a draw was agreed.

It did not take long to find the mate, infact it was quite easy
because the White King is already hemmed in and it's a Rook's pawn
which throws up it's own unique mate.

Just found that Westlife also did a song called ‘No More Heroes’
Good Grief a Karaoke band. I’m not writing all this again.
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