Influentual Chess Moments....

Influentual Chess Moments....

The Planet Greenpawn

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Influentual Chess Moments....


Who and what influences the type of Chess Players we become?

A thread on here brought back a moment that I'm pretty sure
helped me set up my stall.

In Thread 135047 the talk about Banned Big Ron has died away
to be replaced with the Karpov - Korchnoi 1978 World title match
and the off board tricks employed by both sides.

The Russians fielded Dr. Zukhar, a parapsychologist to plant seeds of
doubt in Korchnoi's mind.

Hocus-Pocus or not. Korchnoi firmly believed it and that's all it takes.

The Russians agreed to move the good doctor to the back of the playing
arena and Korchnoi brought the score back to 5-5.

So the Russians moved him to the front row.
1-0 to Karpov and he won the match 6-5.

I was really into chess in '78 and followed every move of this match.
I was at that influential stage that all players on the rise go through.
Any bad habits pick up here would take years to eradicate...if at all.

Game 5 sums up this match and shows you how bitter it was.
Korchnoi actually missed a mate here.

55.Bf7+ mates.

They then play on in a known drawn ending whcih was by chance covered
in my last Blog about the wrong Bishop and the Rook Pawn.

So rather than speak to Karpov and offer him a draw, Korchnoi eventually
stalemates Karpov in the then (is it still?) longest ever world championship game.

Black to play.

(OK this is all very nice but what about all this 'influence crap'......Russ)

The ending reached in this game was tricky.

This postion (or one close to it) from the game was appearing on the
boards at the club with the stronger players demonstrating to the weaker
players how easy it was to lose by making them take Black here.

Now excuse me whilst I hop down a wee side track.

A frequent post in the Chess Forum is from players asking how to improve.

This is often answered with well meaning (but somewhat blinkered) lads
telling them what chess program or opening book to get.

Join a Chess Club. There is no better way.

If you are lucky enough to have one frequented by good players all the better.
Pick their brains and listen to what to say.

(if you want, at your peril, you can ignore the bits you don't like....I did) 😉

OK. Where was I?

I lost from the above position in a demo 'try this' game v Alastair White.
I ran the King towards the pawns, the trick is to run away from the pawns
to reach a8.
Very enlightening.

I was not too bothered though.
I had spotted the forced missed mate when the game with the bare score
appeared in the paper. I ran around for days with that newspaper clipping
showing everyone how clever I was.

So it was propably round about here I decided endgames were for the sissy people
who miss middle game mates.

(and that's it?.............Russ)


Here is game 5 from the Karpov - Korchnoi match 1978.

I wonder how many (if any) players on here I have influenced.

Oh Gosh you guys are going to hate me in 30 years time.
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