It's Skull Crushing Week

It's Skull Crushing Week

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It's Skull Crushing Week

The Screaming Skull

The RHP Championship has now passed the 60 day mark and this week
sweet sound of skulls being crushed is vibrating through the tournament.

A few lads have been skulled 16 times. (I hope they are alright.)

Last week 4998 games had finished. Thanks to Skull Crushing Week this
has jumped to 5894. White wins 2959. Draws 192 (!) Black wins 2743.

Amongst those 192 draws (about 4% of the games played.)
We have another stalemate.

cardinalal - AudioRapture RHP Ch 2012

White saw no way of winning this, I don’t think there is a way.
Serious attempts at winning it may infact lose. White played:

59.Qb3+ Kxe4 60.Qxe3+ Kxe3

And both players shared the point.

Another Skull

Some players don’t analyse, they let their opponents do the analysis for them.
They go down the line their opponents selects and agree with them without even
checking to see if they might be wrong.

Pick a theme, a tactical theme, any tactical theme.
How about the Nxg4 trick in the frame of this position?
A common enough ploy.

White has just played g2-g4 breaking the pin on the f3 Knight.
Black sacs a bit for two pawns and a nasty pin.
1…Nxg4 2.hxg4 Bxf3.

Let us see one in action so you will understand what tactic I am talking
about and what happens when players start trusting each other.

PurityMhz66 - chmrjg RHP Ch 2012.

That was a pretty deep resignation. Black has no visible of means of putting
pressure on the pinned Knight. Black usually needs a Knight ready to go to d4
before one even considers this sac. It’s not mandatory but it helps.
Another way of getting a hot f3 is for Black to play f7-f5 backed up with a
Rook on f8.

Here is a better example, this time White wants to see it work.

rafasegovia - Beseder RHP Ch 2012

Dumbom - mbingham RHP 2012 RHP
Which just backs up what I said about players believing their opponents.
What ever spectre White saw it was not there. The mate was a mirage,

green bar

odvarsarah - DrRobotnik RHP Ch 2012

White drops a lulu (2.Nf3) he tries to wriggle out of it. He wriggles into mate.
Such mistakes are the building blocks of all good players.
Unless you are gifted you have to go through this phase, we all did.
The big difference is the internet.
My tooth cutting blunders and indeed the blunders from players of my era have
been lost or lay sitting in dust covered score books and will never see the light of day.
Today’s blunders are available for all to see.

Another Skull

Augustkim - patrickj2 RHP Ch 2012

Black in a difficult position plays an ill considered pawn move.
White plays a two mover and picks up a piece.
The game then revolves the back rank tricks Black uses to try and
catch a sleeping White.
White is actually wide awake and leaves the back rank tricks on teasing
and tempting Black to do something rash. In the end Black gets mated
on the back rank.

We just saw White refusing to give the King luft.
Saving a tempo can be done but you have to be aware of the danger.
I’ve no doubt White’s eyes were as big as dinner plates as they triple checked
every move to make sure there were no back rank tricks.

Eyes as big as dinner plates is good. Eyes shut…bad.

FlexyLexy111 - sagator RHP Ch 2012

jb70 - crazycol RHP Ch 2012

Black has a nice safe position the one clumsy move and it’s all over.

Joe McD - John Evans Rhp Ch 2012

A nice game this with a very good wrap up.

and now this:

no title

How many legs does this elephant have?

Which brings on nicely to the RHP player talzamir.
Talzamir is the Championship Elephant Man.
He has played the Elephant as Black.

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 d5 five times winning four and losing one.

So we take a look at one. A jolly game full of incidents.

Erwin Weinzinger - talzamir RHP Ch 2012

The final piece of merriment comes MikeyD123 - stevemcc RHP Ch 2012.

Look at this diagram. White to play.

Come up with an idea, a plan, anything for White other than resignation.
Give it a minute or two. If you come up with the same idea as White then
I suggest you give up chess and go and see a shrink.

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