Karjakin - Ivanchuk and Ernie

Karjakin - Ivanchuk and Ernie

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Happy New Year and the top tip for 2016 is at all times carry a spare
Knight of both colours with you. During the game if White then slip
a Black Knight amongst the captured pieces. Your opponent will look
at the captured pieces, then notice they are a piece down and resign.


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Good Luck with this, let me know how you get on.
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A few snippets from the recent 2016 World Rapid Championship.
Time control was 15 minutes per games with a 10 second increment.

The event was won by Vassily Ivanchuk
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(If that really Ivanchuk.............Russ)

Until they change the photo copyright laws, yes it is.

C. Villagra - A. Firouzja World Rapid 2016 (White to play)

White missed 54.Rxh6+ gxh6 55.Qh7 mate. (or did he?)

Look again. If White had played 54.Rxh6+ gxh6 is a CHECK!
(See the Red Hot Pawn Hall of Doom for a player falling for this.)

That was a neat side- step by White and so was this one.

I. Nepomniachtchi - L.Aronian World Rapid 2016 (White to play)

White is fighting for the draw so why not 69.Rxa5 Bxa5 70.Kxa5 Draw!

White refrained from taking the obvious draw it was a clever pitfall.

69.Rxa5 Kc4!

And White is mated next move with Nb2 or Nc4.

We have to spare a thought for Mohamed Ali Dima who took part
in both the Rapid and the Blitz events. This was a total of 36 games.
Sadly he lost every game. The most heart breaking if which was:

A. Khayat - M. Dima, Rd 6, World Rapid Championship 2016.

White has just played 30.Qb4-b3 check.

Dima caught up in the excitement of scoring his first win played 30...Qh2 mate.

That of course was an illegal move and in Rapid Rules an illegal move forfeits
the game. All he had to do was play 30...Kh8 and White is totally lost. A disaster.
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Hi Chaps, This game from the World Blitz Championship caught my beady eye.

Hikaru Nakamura - Alexander Grischuk Rd 19 World Blitz Ch, 2016.

It is White to play.

Nakamura is not looking too good here. He avoided the move 1.Kf3
due to the Knight Fork 1...Nd2+ and played 1.Rf1 h1=Q and resigned.

If 2. Rxh1 then the Knight Fork 2....Nf2+ wins.

But would it? There are two Blitzfalls (Pitfalls in Blitz) to avoid.

2. Rxh1 Nf2+ 3. Kf3 Nxh1 4.Kg2.

Here Black has to know the procedure (which I’m sure Grischuk knew)

4...f5 would draw. 4...Kg5 wins
4...Nf2 is a draw 4....Ng3 wins.

It’s a King v King Opposition thing and I have seen a few examples on RHP
of this being totally messed up From the above position I will show the win.

Now we see how easy it is the mess this up.

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I forgot to mention that the 2016 Blitz Championship was won by Sergey Karjakin.
Title here

(I suppose that is not Karjakin.........................Russ)

Probably not but it’s close, same number of ears and eyes.

Here is a game between the winner of the Blitz and the Rapid Winner.

S. Karjakin - V. Ivanchuk World Blitz Ch. 2016

Time control. 3 minutes plus a 2 second increment from move one.

red pawns

red doom

I’m sure 2017 will furnish us with plenty of new examples for the
Red Hot pawn Hall of Doom. I have faith in you all. Meanwhile....

cheesepleasepeter - Otis Microlight RHP 2016

I mentioned this blunder in the Villagra - Firouzja game.
White fell for the classic Check answering Check Trick.

This game went for 112 moves and was eventually agreed a draw.
The win and over 20 chances to draw it were earlier were missed.

standamera - Lucske69 RHP 2016

Next, a familiar RHP theme. White relaxes, plays a quick move and skips merrily
onto the next game. Next he day he gets confirmation he has been checkmated.

daisydixiechico - poboy RHP 2011

Yes, I am really looking forward to some 2017 more of the same.

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