King Hunts and Knight Forks

King Hunts and Knight Forks

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King Hunts and Knight Forks

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A King being chased across the 64 squares with a player shooting at it’s
feet still, after all these years, brings out in me a primitive joy of chess.

So when recently a Grandmaster sent another Grandmaster’s King for a walk I just
had to share it with you lot and use it as an excuse to show some of your King Hunts.

D. Dubov - R. Svane European Team Championship, Batumi 2019

Batumi? I hated geography at school. In the old days great games came from Moscow,
New York, London, Hastings, Lyon, Seville and of course the old Opera House in Paris.
I will have to google-woogle it.... I just have and Batumi is 992 miles south of Moscow.

And now a couple of recent Red Hot Pawn King Hunts.

wernerburger - Kimo Sabie RHP 2019

In this next one the King is hunted along it’s own back rank for twelve moves whilst
White treats us to discovered and windmill checks not stopping to win back a Queen.

NN Cheap - Jersey Bob RHP .2019

red pawns

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Staying with GM games and RHP copycats how about this one in reverse.

F. Caruana (2822) - S. Mamedyarov Bucharest Blitz 2019 (White to play)

Fabiano played 50.Ne5 (OOPS!) 50...Qxe5+ 0-1 because 51.Qxe5 Nf3+

This blunder was anticipated in chessH - ouroboros RHP 2006 (Black to play)

Black nicked the pawn. 59...Nxd5 (OOPS!) 60.Qxd5+ Qxd5. 61.Ne7+ 1-0

We end with this short story.

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Once upon a time an RHP player set another RHP player a Queen winning trap.
The player spotted the Queen winning trap and played a move to stop it but
they had spotted the wrong Queen winning trap and lost their Queen after all.

The moral being: If you see spot a trap sit on your hands, you may spot another.

DarcioAlberico - Costad RHP 2019

If you look at Game 8060011 and Game 13330784
you will see two RHP players who fell for the first trap.

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