Luck and the Duck + Drunken Knights

Luck and the Duck + Drunken Knights

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Luck and the Duck + Drunken Knights

The Duck spent a few days in Oregon with Kareemelbadry and was actually
a spectator at the Maryland Chess Congress.

The Duck onboard

Kareemelbadry had The Duck next to him at his board and he won actually
his section winning a couple of hundred dollars.

Here is The Duck…

A Rich Duck

….staring at the winners cheque.

The Duck is now it’s way to Thailand. Watch this space.

Kareemelbadry supplied one the OTB games he played witnessed by The Duck.

This was an under 1600 tournament and games in these sections rarely follow
opening theory for more than 5 moves.

However here is an exception, right up until move 16 we are still in the book
with Black playing an exchange sacrifice (16…Rxc3) recommended by Tony Miles
and Eric Moscow in their 1979 book ‘The Yugoslav Attack.’ they also point out
that 17.bxc3 is the best reply.

Kareemelbadry is Black.

The RHP Database has been up dated

The RHP Data Base

Someone mentioned that 1.Na3, a Drunk Knight, had been played 79 times.
(Drunken Knights are Knights that develop on a3,h3, a6 and h6.)

Well you cannot dispute it develops a piece. Infact I’d go as far to say it is
the third best piece developing move you can make on the first move.

But why play it?
What is going on in the mind of the RHP player.

It is my job to figure these things out.
The most plausible and logical reply is 1….e5 and what then?

But that is idea! After 1…e5 White has 2.Nc4.!

Attacking the e-pawn. If White attacked the pawn with 2.Nf3 then 2…e4. kicks the f3 Knight.
After 2.Nc4 Black has no such move. Play can continue 2….Nc6 3.e4 Nf6 4.Nc3

And if you stumbled upon this position per chance on RHP you would think the
new update has broken the game display and the c4 Knight has jumped up a rank.

logicalsong has had this exact position twice (one win, one loss) the enterprising blog
readers amongst you can view these games on the RHP database.

Let us look at the game of another player who has ventured here.

onyx2006 - crom RHP 2006

And now I don’t care how many chess books you have…

Chess Books

… is something you have never seen before.

See this line up.

White will take the Rook, Knight, Bishop and Queen on theses actual squares.

White will take the unmoved Rook a8.
White will force the Knight back to b8 and take it.
White will force the Bishop back to c8 and take it.
White will force the Queen back to d8 and take it.
When White takes the Queen on d8 he will deliver checkmate.

All this in four consecutive moves!

Sit back, kick off your shoes and play over this game when the moon is full.
Those of you who live countries without a moon just paint a yellow dot on your ceiling.

CultLogic - leomccrea RHP 2011

This game will also feature more ‘drunken Knights’ which is the mini theme of this blog.

Finally the RHP 2013 Championship is open for entries.
We had loads of fun with this last time. I’m in..are you?

Tournament 16990

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 153233

If you have a game or position to discuss then go there as we can use diagrams
and PGN thingy things.
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