Magnus Carlsen Question and Answer Session

Magnus Carlsen Question and Answer Session

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Magnus Carlsen Question and Answer Session

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What a scoop for Red Hot Pawn. We can ask the current World Chess Champion
questions, hopefully if he reads this and joins Red Hot Pawn he can answer them.

The first question comes from Mrs. B. Knight on the Rim.

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What a superb question, if you know Magnus’s email please pass it onto him..

Next we have Mr. W. Rook who is doubled up someplace.

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Wow!. I think we would all like to know the answer to this one.
If you see Magnus in the street or on a bus then please ask him.

This next question is from Mr. W Pawn who is in isolation.

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That is a tough one but I ‘m sure that Magnus will know the answer.
Someone find out where he lives and nail this question to his front door.

Question four comes from Mr. B. Bishop who lives opposite Mr. W. Bishop...

(enough of this greenpawn......Russ.)
green pawns

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The tournament was stopped after 7 games due to mounting fears the virus would strike.
Nobody knows what is happening next. Is the tournament postponed or will it be re-run.

The joker in the pack is Teimour Radjabov who should have been playing but he
expressed concerns about the mounting cases of other sporting events being cancelled
so withdrew saying it should be postponed. Maxime Vachier-Lagrave took his place.

At the time of writing this Radjabov is considering getting a lawyer so he can get back
into the tournament. Some say he should and the whole thing re-run, others say ‘No’.

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Speculation is rife on every site as to what will happen next, postpone, cancel or re-run.
What ever FIDE decides everyone agrees it will be something nobody has thought of.
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Try this mate in two moves from the great Sam Loyd, The Musical World. 1859

First hidden box is a clue. Next hidden box is the solution.
If you look at it Black last move must have been with either the King or the Rook.

Therefore Black cannot castle Queenside. so the solution is 1.Qa1 mate next move.

Have you ever woke up in the morning and wondered what RHP game had the latest 0-0-0?

ironporn - Mysticidium RHP 2012

Black played 53....0-0-0

Arayn - Rishard RHP 2017

White played 51.0-0-0.

The Quickest mate from 0-0-0 is Arand - Lordling RHP 2011 (16 moves)

green pawns

This week’s Red Hot Pawn game starts with Max Euwe in 1927.

M. Euwe - V. Mindeno The Netherlands 1927

This game is quite well known but sometimes too much knowledge is a bad thing.

Carton - sumit yadav RHP 2007

Recently I had the position after 12.d6 in a Hardcore Game where due to number
of games and fast time control mistakes often happen and I am not immune either.

greenpawn (me!) - kirbythecat RHP .2020

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