My Lucky Chess Socks.

My Lucky Chess Socks.

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My Lucky Chess Socks.

Title here

These are my lucky chess socks, I’ve been wearing them since 1972.
red pawns

Title here

Thought I’d check out this chess book. (pun intended.)
A good name for a chess player that ................Daniel.

It’s OK but a bit dry and tepid. I think the word I’m looking for is ‘joyless.’

This position. on page 24 is an example. Danny (can I call him Danny?)
asks the reader what would they play as Black here giving four choices

(a) 1...e6 (b) 1...dxc4 (c) 1....Qa5+ (d) 1...Ne4. The answers are:

(a) 1...e6 is best as if prepares Be7 and castles. OK fair enough.

(b) 1...dxc4 Playable but White simply plays 2.Bxc4. Black’s development lags.
Yes but how about a few more moves to show the dangers of a Bishop on c4.

Ed Bernheim - Paul0 RHP 2004 continued after Bxc4

And of course (c)...Qa5+ is given the thumbs down but from the above position

XanthosNZ - krazyken RHP 2005

As I mentioned back here.

(c) 1...Qa5+ is frowned upon by Danny who says White blocks with 2. Bd2
and the Queen must retreat straight away. But here was a chance to instruct.

Queens do get trapped this way in actual games between players this book is aimed at.

tharg - Motividan, RHP 2011

Of course I’m just have a grumble because I know Danny can do better than this.

His ‘How Good is Your Chess’ feature in CHESS is often excellent (and in some
issues it is the best feature of the magazine.) He is writing for the more advanced
player in that column but I feel it is important to write even better for the beginner
to the game, for which this book is clearly intended, to inspire and lure them into
this game. Instead this one reads like a plain text book with no or little enthusiasm
red pawns


From the sentence below find four GM’s all with four lettered names.

“Adieu wee retired people finely going iridescent.”

Clue: It’s is the same four players I’ve being using for the last 5 weeks.

red pawns

The (so called ) Instructive Bit.

A game of mine recently played in the ‘Mikelom Memorial Tournament’

greenpawn - kinggg2 RHP 2016.

What happens if Black takes the Knight on move 11.

red pawns

red doom

Just to show it’s not only us that are filling up the Hall of Doom.

Mark Rich - Jonathan Rowson, Armageddon play off final 2009

Black has just played Rf3-e3

White thought for 18 seconds before playing Rf2 and went onto lose.
The move Rd4 checkmate in one move was missed by both players.

We have a theme for this weeks Hall of Doom Entries. Rook and Bishop Mates.

stev0o - ceecee RHP 2012

Again an eagerness to trade pieces is the culprit.
gdlk - Billtong358 RHP2011

Next we see a new version of Black playing helpmate/selfmate chess.
Sidekicks - scottking RHP 2014

Black gave White a huge clue about what he what he was trying to do.
Queenmouse - zspears RHP 2014

This one is good. Black tries to ease the pain with exchanges.
whiterook220 - apsol 2014

Finally....A sister game to one above.

veca - Igwiz RHP 2011

Every move is perfectly natural it’s there but for grace of God go I game.

red pawns

Puzzle Solution

“adiEU WEe RETIred people FINEly goinG IRIdescent.”

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