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Neil1812 - incredibles1971

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Neil1812 - incredibles1971

Originally posted by Marinkatomb in the Chess Forum.

Thread 131935

IM Van Oosterman vs GM Mathew Sadler

When I first saw this game a few days ago I really did not know
whether to laugh or cry.

Now all the boys will be playing 1...a6 and 2...h6 v everything and lose.

Or is this more proof (if more proof where needed) that if
you are a good chess player then it does not matter what opening you play
the middle game talent will out.

In another game from the same tournament as Black, Mathew played.

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Qe7

So the natural follow up is now for me to show a game played on here with a6 & h6.

Neil1812 - incredibles1971

That is not their grades, White is 1671, Black is 1476.

White did the correct thing and developed before tipping his hand.

The first blunder was not long in coming.

Black thoughtlessly slings his Knight to b4. Look.

Can you see a retreat for the b4 Knight.?
No neither can I. Black can thank 1...a6 for that.

Common error that one leaving pieces with no place to run to.

So White played 10.a3 (you have to love the irony) and won a piece.

A few moves later and and White to play.

13.Rxe6! fxe6 14.Qxe6 just screams at you.

White is already a piece up. 13.Rxe6! is a freebie giving
White an overwhelming and winning position.

I bet White saw this but as usual with players of this level if the mate
is not set in stone then the chance is missed.

Every good player would play 13.Rxe6! None of them would have tried
to work out all the possible defences. Experience just tells you it is winning.
If you do not believe me than take Black v any reasonable computer.
Black is lost.

Two moves later this pops up. White to play.

Undefended pieces are the root cause of all non-mating combinations.

That Bishop on g4 is undefended Bxf7+ and Qc4+ works.
Not a great disaster, White is still a piece up.

Now remember this bit:

Undefended pieces are the root cause of all non-mating combinations.

Before you press SEND you really should scan the board
for undefended pieces you never know what ideas you may get or
blunders you will avoid.

You want a laugh...I shall give you a laugh.

When writing this I was actually playing games online and played
a right howler just as I was writing this bit. Game 7560761
I meant to play Qh4+ (you just have to love the irony) 🙂

Anyway.White was looking at this before he pressed send.

And he sent it thus losing a Rook.

A mere flesh wound to this lad who then cooked up a cunning plan.

Look at the diagram on the left.

double diagram

He can play c3, block the defence to g7 and then play Qg6
he will have a mate on. (see left diagram for plan).

So he set this up and it worked. Black to play.

Now another aspect of the game where lower graded players
often fail. They missed defensive resources.

What would you do as Black?

Well if the Rook was not there he could play 23...Qxc3
and he's covering g7 AND (this is the good bit) he is
threatening QxB+ thus unpinning the f-pawn and hanging the
White Queen on g6.

This is a game turning moment. You must clutch at every straw.
And then you stumble, as I did, on 23...Bg4.

OK 24.Rxg4 is no good. What about 24.Qxg4. Then 24....Qg5.

But Black missed it and played 23...Qg5 giving up the Queen.

And that was that.....Well not quite.


Enjoy the game

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