Nezhmetdinov and the Hungarians

Nezhmetdinov and the Hungarians

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Nezhmetdinov and the Hungarians

I picked up this in a book shop, it was sealed.

Pictured playing cards dedicated to famous Hungarians.

I know 10 famous Hungarians, nine of them are chess players.

Portisch, Adorjan (I’ve played him…..I lost), Breyer, Reti , Sax, Szabo. and
the three Polgar sisters No. 10 is that chap who invented the Rubik’s Cube.

I bought and flicked through the entire pack. No Chess players were there..

The Rubik Cube inventor was there.

Erno Rubik (pictured playing cards - apparently this what he looks like.)

Also present and Hungarian was one the lads who created the Simpsons.
Title here

Gabor Csupo (pictured playing cards - apparently this what he looks like.)

The Hungarian chap who invented the Biro was there.

Laszlo Biro (pictured playing cards - apparently this what his hand looks like.)

Next we see the clever Hungarian who gave us the...

(Enough playing of the cards……..Russ)
red pawns

Eight blogs ago I did a whole piece about Windmills. (here is the cartoon again.)

I have just decided that a White Rook swinging back and forth along the 7th rank looks
nothing like windmill. It is more like a saw. So it’s now called a See-Saw combination.

By chance and good fortune I found my myself going through this book again.
Title here

It’s the Russian version of Rashid Nezhmetdinov’s best games.

Don’t skip this bit, I’m not going to show the Nezhmetdinov Queen sac game.
Yes it’s a Queen sac but it’s not THAT game. Infact it never happened………

I’ve uncovered a smashing couple of lines in this one game.

R. Nezhmetdinov - V. Mikenas, Match, Russia, 1948

The other See-Saw I hinted at is also instructive and entertaining.

So next time someone stops you in the street and asks to be shown a See-Saw
Combination all you have to whip out your pocket set and show them this game.

Now an RHP game showing a Queen getting caught in the pattern I mentioned.

partyharty - CaptainBIdseye RHP 2011

red pawns

That Knight Sac v The Blackburne Shilling Trap.

Blackburne Trap

Quite a few Blogs back I suggested falling for the Blackburne Shilling Trap thus.

Here is what happened. I’m White.

red pawns

The end bit where I show The Horrors of RHP…wait a minute, those playing cards…

Bela Lugossi the Hungarian star of b/w horror films. He also appeared in one of
my favourite films ‘Plan 9 from Outer Space.’ How could I forget Bela Lugossi?

So I did a search on the RHP Database for this pattern from Nezhmetdinov game.

Just to see what turns up. One never knows what to expect next on RHP.

A couple made it into the RHP Hall of Horror.

m1g25 - The Pup RHP 2012 (White to play)

Play went 23.Qg4 Qf6+ and 24…Qxh6 White lost this one.

White missed that 23.Rxf7+ is double check! 23.Rxf7++ Kg8 24 Qg4+
The Queen reaches g4 with a check and it’s mate on g7 in two moves.

Another game where the White player misses a shot (not exactly a shot - it’s checkmate.)

Houston1 - Dace Ace RHP 2011

I’m afraid to say White did not play 32.Rxg4 Checkmate and went onto lose this game.

Finally we depart the Hall of Horror with a game that still gives White Knightmares.
No he was not mated by a Knight it’s his own Knights that keep him awake at night.

luizandre - Policestate RHP 2010.

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