One Million Moves and a New Chess Magazine

One Million Moves and a New Chess Magazine

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One Million Moves and a New Chess Magazine

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OOPS! Correction. Aliens have abducted both Fischer and Spassky.

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Yes it is true! On the 29th of December 2019 texasnurse User 748651
made her one millionth move on Red Hot Pawn. Move one million was
made against Wizardschess who by pure coincidence happens to be her dad!

texasnurse is the eighth RHP player to reach a million moves. ZorroTheFox was first.
These two record breakers have played each other over 750 times with ZorroTheFox
holding a slight majority. Both would have been zipping out the moves pretty fast but
the games are not too bad. (occasionally one walks into or stumbles into a checkmate.)

This one has a funny side. Texas spots Zorro is going for a Queen winning Pin.
a move or two later Texas catches Zorro with the very same Queen winning Pin.

texasnurse - ZorroTheFox RHP 2018

The is next snippet from the same players sums up the dangers of playing too quickly.

texasnurse - ZorroTheFox RHP 2019

Could do a whole blog with these two...infact I nearly am. One last one from this year.

texasnurse - ZorroTheFox RHP 2019

Going for the million moves and playing so many games at once it is only natural
that a few errors sneaked into texasnurse games. Here is a good instructive point.

texasnurse - Eric Guerrero RHP.2019 (White to Move)

How does White take back on c1. 1.Qxc1 or 1.Rxc1.

I can only speculate on what’s in front of me so I assume texasnurse spotted the ‘trap’.
It has all the makings of someone moving quick and not looking that one move deeper.

White played 1.Qxc1 seeing if 1.Rxc1 the Queen on d2 was unprotected and
if Black played Rxe6 dxe6 a check from the d6 Bishop would win the Queen.

But there is no check with a Bishop. However f4-f3 gxf3 and then Rxe6 dxe6
and Bh2+ does indeed win the Queen. Well spotted. but what is wrong with it.

Can Black play Rxe6 here answering exd6 with Bh2+ winning the White Queen.

When losing texasnurse has been sharp enough to grab the occasional passing straw.

mallys7 - texasnurse RHP 2016

pdunne - texasnurse RHP 2017 (Black to play)

A wee trap before resigning. Black played 45...Kd5 White took on f5.


And with so many games on the go a bit of good luck is bound to come your way.

texasnurse - apsol RHP 2018 (Black to play)

Black has 34 legal moves but only one stalemates. 47...Bd4 was played.

And with so many games on the go a bit of bad luck is bound to come your way.

gothcharles - texasnurse RHP 2017 and paul1 - texasnurse RHP 2019

Both games reached the exact same position and the same following moves.

Black played 1...g4 2.Rxg4+ Kxg4 stalemate. It is drawn even without 1...g4
(sorry about that texasnurse but the coincidence was too good to leave out.)

News just in: The Aliens have now abducted Lothar Schmid

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