P=N + Sympathy in E Minor + 9 Queens

P=N + Sympathy in E Minor + 9 Queens

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P=N + Sympathy in E Minor + 9 Queens

Hi Men.

I found this amusing game on another site.
It was from an actual OTB game and features 5 Knights on the board in11 moves.

Now most seasoned players will think I’m referring to ‘that’ trick shot
in the Alapin Counter Gambit where a 5th Knight appears on the board.
I’m not, this is from a Ponziani.

That old trick that I mentioned in the Alapin Counter has caught more than
20 white players on RHP. One lad, stephenwale, has fallen for it twice!

stephenwale - vrobke RHP 29th.April 2005
stephenwale - manitoba RHP 18th Oct 2005

Symphony in E Minor (or Sympathy in E Minor. …take your pick)

Mating with the minor pieces only (Bishop and Knight mates without assists from
the Queen or Rook). Is always a pleasurable affair.
Exuma sent me this charming example.

The Final Position.

The Bishop is protected by the Knight which is protected by a Bishop.
The minor trio in perfect harmony.

Exuma - Tiswms RHP 2011

So of course I looked for a Queenless, Rookless four minor piece game ending in a mate.
And found one!

tng - Simon McMahon RHP 2008

We end with this wonderful piece of creativity on loan to this blog by Swiss Gambit.

Now you know the old scoring system used in learner primers.

Pawn = 1 pt
Knight = 3 pts
Bishop = 3 pts
Rook = 5 pts
Queen = 9 pts.

So at the start of the game you have:

39 pts each, that is 78 pts on the board.

So what is the most amount of points you can have on the board?
SG gives us 182 pts (91 each).
The minor pieces have to be sacced to allow the pawns through.

Spot the link. Now I’m onto major piece play.

All 16 pawns will Queen. Just click ‘play’ sit back and watch it happen.
It only takes few minutes to run. You won’t see this in your opening books.

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