Philidor Con+Reinfeld+Murphy+Morphy+A Competition

Philidor Con+Reinfeld+Murphy+Morphy+A Competition

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Philidor Con+Reinfeld+Murphy+Morphy+A Competition


Everyone of them. Liars. (and they owe me £1.99 ).

Philidor did this, Philidor said that, Philidor done this…it’s all lies.

I can find no game of Phildor playing the Philidor Defence.

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 d6

No game of Philidor playing the ‘Philidor Legacy’.
(A Queen is sacced to deliver a Knight mate to a smothered King).

Example: forever green with envy - ShallowBlue RHP 2004

But the biggest lie is this:

I was browsing in my favourite 2nd hand CD store looking for
anything by Johnny Rockaday and the Hoola Hoops when I saw this.

Philidor CD

I bought it and rushed home knocking old people out of the way.
You can imagine my utter disgust and disappointment when after
playing the CD twice I discover not once does Philidor say

“Pawns are the Soul of the Game.”

Infact he does not say anything!

I’ve been lied to and now I have been cheated out of £1.99.

Why me?

And anyway Pawns are not the Soul of the Game.

Pawns are the Misfits of Chess.

Whoever came up with stupid rule that pawns cannot move backwards
needs horse whipping twice a day. Three times on Sunday.

Pawns can mess you up good and proper.

You have to move your pawns to get your pieces out and then find
you have to protect your moved pawns with the very pieces they let out!

How daft is that?

St. Dosh, the patron saint of the cash in my pockets came to my
rescue when she guided me into a flea market and I found this for 25p.


(wrong picture greenpawn….Russ)

… and I found this for 25p.
Who is this

Amongst the ‘Instructive Games’ along with Tarrasch and Morphy etc there was this:

The Fred Game

One of Fred Reinfeld’s games in a Beginners Primer.
I cannot recall Fred ever using one of his games in his books
and this one would not look out of place in any of them.

I’ve noted up the game based very very loosely on the comments in the book.

Amazing Chess Coincidence No 678.

So I’m thinking who is Albert Balasco? Fred did write
under a few other names, was Albert Balasco one of them?

A Chess Quest. Brilliant, I love Chess Quests.

I start going through some old American Chess Reviews and in
February 1954, on page 54(!) this diagram pops out at me.
Murphy 1954

End of quest.

I play out the game. It won the Brilliancy Prize in the 1953 Irish Chess Championship

Murphy v Turner.

Note that it is Murphy and not Morphy. Play out the
game, well worth it and I’ll will be asking questions.

The final position….

…..the Rook cutting off the King and the Bishops covering the flight squares
stirs up the old memory cells. A Morphy game….Yes. (Not Murphy…Morphy)

Barnes - Morphy, London 1858. Final Position 0-1

Morphy is Black and nothing can stop Rh6 mate.

Struggling for a note I dust off Fritz to see if it comes up with
a silly evaluation after the Queen sac or even a sillier way to
prevent the mate than that Qxg2+ (something was itching me).

Now remember this note in the Morphy - Turner game?
(Which I put in after Fritz poked my eyes out).

“If this was played in 2011 you would think it was a computer playing Black…”

Fritz is ticking over and I notice that it says White is not winning.
Well cover me in strawberry jam and throw me into the custard bowl.

Look what the wee beastie has found. I missed it.
The good old boys from 1954 missed it as well.

Black to play. (in the game he played 26…Qxg2).

He can defend and enter an endgame with 26…Qf3!!

10 out of 10 to anyone who spotted that one.

There is no mate because after 27. gxf3 the White Bishop
cannot give a deadly check on e2. Check it out for yourself.

White's best is to go into an opposite coloured Bishop ending.
(says Fritz….I could not analyse any further as I’m still stunned.)

from the diagram 27.gxf3 d6 28.Bxh7 Rxh7 29.Rxh7+ Kg6

An amazing defensive resource that has been waiting 58 years to be discovered.

Have to give the credit to Fritz, could quite easily have said
I saw it but that would not be true. Damn. Fritz 1 greenpawn 0.

And that brings us to another Morphy/Murphy coincidence.

I’ve recently been analysing on the Chess Forum Thread 140172
Morphy - Paulsen, New York 1857. Where Morphy in this position…..

played the brilliant 17…Qxf3.

Spot the link?

Isn’t Chess simply the most wonderful game on Earth.

green bar

Chess Quest Competition No.73. Who is Albert Balasco?

The luckyperson who posts in the comments box all the
details on who this chap is wins a CD (by Philidor)
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