Play Chess the Pawn Riot Way. The RHP No.1

Play Chess the Pawn Riot Way. The RHP No.1

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Play Chess the Pawn Riot Way. The RHP No.1

[b]Hi Guys.

Thought I’d run through some games from the site’s new No.1,
Pawn Riot (PR), like I did with Skeeter looking for combo’s for you to solve.

(Next week I’ll do a skit on site bottom player.)

But first just to show you what a multi - talented guy I am.

A Pawn Riot

A Pawn Riot

OK have a look at these. None are really too hard, I like to keep this blog as
simple as possible so I don’t go over anyone’s head.
I’m not writing to impress but to entertain and hopefully somewhere in
there someone will find it instructive.

The object here is to enjoy the Blog, boost your ego and have some fun.

Did I say enjoy the Blog.
One of the first positions I stumbled across returned a week of sleepless nights.

Pawn Riot - caissad4 RHP 2007
White to play.

1.Qxh7+ Rxh7 2.Rxh7+ wins a whole Rook. 1-0

How easy was that! This easy…

G. Chandler - C. Taylor, Edinburgh Open 1977

And your multi-talented hero missed Qxh7+ winning a piece and proceeded to lose.

No excuse, I was 1800ish at the time and playing well, the game before
I pulled off a win that won the tournament brilliancy prize!. Chess is a silly game.

Next: And we set up this one step by step.

Dragonfire - Pawn Riot RHP 2008.

4…Ng4 Threatens Qxh2 mate. The same note after move 1 in the game, now 5.hxg4 Qh4 mate.

I found loads of refreshing games where PR takes chances
by putting his grade in jeopardy and his opponents in blunder land.
Here is an example.

Pawn Riot - jroets RHP 2010
The Blackmar Diemer Gambit

And if 10...Qxf1.

It's all about the g4 Bishop. Move him and Qc8 mate.
We have seen that in the notes, sadly we did not see it in...

Jarschel - sameeh RHP 2010
White to move.

White took the a8 Rook and resigned on move 50.
He Missed a better move.
Qc8 mate

RHP does throw up a game where 10...Qxf1 was played.

Belaxe - Hannilein007 RHP 2009.

PR might come on the forum and shows us what he intended.
I'll invite him on. I think Black is in a very awkward postion after 12 Ne5.

Sound or unsound it is testiment to his style that he is willing
to go down these double-edged paths.

Next one is easy. I expect some of the good players to skip this one.
(However do look at the solution to this one.)

Pawn Riot v ZorrotheFox RHP 2010
White to play.

The solution is below in the shape of a PGN moving thingy so to stop
you peeking at I’ll give another demo of my artistic skill.

Pawn Riot

This is my drawing of Pawn Riot.

Pawn Riot v ZorrotheFox RHP 2010 (the solution)

Here is one which shows you PR snatching an opportunity.

Pawn Riot - Quirine RHP 2008.
White to play.

The mundane 1.Rxb2 is the dull way. Instead PR played?

1.Bg5! Qxg5 2.Qe6 and mate on c8. The clever bit is seeing that the back rank checks by Black are covered.

Next I'll give the whole game, you end it.
Pawn Riot - robbielynch RHP 2010.
The Napoleon Attack

19. Ba6+ Nxa6 20. Qxa6+ Kb8 21. Nxa5! Bc8 22. Nc6+ Ka8 23. Qxa7

So our new No.1 is a cheapo merchant?
Not at all, I’m just showing the stuff I understand and enjoy.
The lad can play chess.

If you are stuck for attacking ideas and how to give your opponents
error prone positions then look at his games.
He has storming Kingside positions down to a fine art.
You just need to look at the final mates and then play out the moves
that led to it. Instructive stuff.
You will see 100’s like this.

Pawn Riot - jose sureda RHP 2010

White to play and win. (and I’m not kidding.)
The moment Black castles White is all over him capping it with a Queen sac.

And you must see this one. Again PR wraps it up in style.
During the game look out for what I call Royal Knights.
Both Knights occupy d8 & e8.

The Knights run riot in this game. Enjoy.

Pawn Riot - Churchley RHP 2006.

Featuring the Chatard Alekhine Attack. (6.h4)

And finally to prove there is more to PR than tactics.
He knows what to do when the position demands it.

Look at this position. White to play.
Pawn Riot - Sqare RHP 2006.

Can you see a plausible plan?

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