Red Hot Pawn and the Tennis Blunder Ball

Red Hot Pawn and the Tennis Blunder Ball

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I’ve been pondering this problem since I was set it by a work colleague.

No it’s not a chess problem. It’s a riddle type of problem with a chess theme,
the kind you get from annoying people whose face you just want to smash in.

This guy (let’s call him Albert Smith) hates chess books on endings.

He rushes into a shop that sells nothing but chess books on endings and destroys about
a quarter of the stock. (Hey! we should call this Albert Smith fellow Geoff Chandler.).

The owner of the shop thanks Albert……………Why?

No the answer is not the shop owner could finally see the error of his miserable ways.
Nor has the shop owner been converted by this blog. It’s apparently deeper than that.

So over you to you. Why did the owner thank Albert Smith for ruining 25% of his junk stock?

Answer at the bottom where I usually add the thread link

red pawns

Continuing with the theme of tricks mentioned in chess books that RHP players fall for.

I looked for that old chestnut in the Exchange Variation of the Lopez where White
castles, Black pins the f3 Knight. White kicks the Bishop with h3 and Black replies h5.

Fischer looks at all kinds of lines in his 60 Memorable Games. None of them consider
7.hxg4 which leads to a forced loss. Fischer guessed his readers would know this blunder.
Title here

I don’t think this is Bobby Fischer but I need a picture here and I don’t want to infringe copyright.

50 players on RHP have played 7.hxg4 and most got mated thus.

older but wiser - Blanca RHP 2012

It’s only fair that I use one of Blanca’s games - between 2006 and 2012 he has caught eight players with this.

I said ‘most’ have got mated this way. One odd exception is the player clarencecuasay.
Title here

This is clarencecuasay

By day Clarencecuasay drives the No.248 Dallas to San Diego bus. Give him a wave.
At night he pours over his chessboard trying to bust old traps found in his chess books.

In November 2011 clarencecuasay became one of Blanca’s 8 victims.
In December 2011 clarencecuasay fell into the same trap but this time …

clarencecuasay - Kegge RHP December 2011

So now we know that you cannot take the g4 Bishop in the Ruy Lopez Exchange..
Well you can if you are a Grandmaster looking for a quick draw in an OTB game.

I found over 100 examples on my OTB database of this distressed effort.

red pawns

Half of the Round Two of the 2014 RHP Championship are over…
Title here

…there are …
Title here

….300 games still ongoing…
Title here

I won some, drew some and lost some
Title here

Played 16, won 3, drew 5 lost 8.
Title here

red pawns

Here is a round two game where the higher rated player throws caution,
in the shape of three pawns, out of the window for a twist or bust attack

What struck me about this game was it reminded me so much of an OTB game
where a player forces his will on his opponent. The stronger player (and all I
have to go on is the grade.) can either sit and wait for a blunder or try to blast
his so called weaker opponent off the board with gambit play and complications.

Phillidor284 (2377) - fiktas (1887) RHP Ch (Round 2) 2014

After years of doing this blog I have noticed the worse thing a typical
RHP player (And I’m including myself here) can have… the move!

We are doing OK until it is our turn to move. The move is like a tennis
ball being lobbed into our half of the court. All we have to do is hit it back.

But this is beyond most of us. We try a to put a fancy spin on it or attempt a lob.
All we succeed in doing is setting ourselves up for a cross court forearm smash.

jb70 (1565) - WaydeS (1798) RHP Ch (Round 2) 2014

Richius (1469) - whiterook220 (2054) .2014 RHP Ch (Round 2) 2014

White sacrificed an opening pawn, his opponent doggedly hung on to it and it has
turned into a passed a-pawn. Instead of facing a dour defence White has an idea….

And even the good guys slip up. We end with a plausible move meeting a neat response.
Usually this slot is saved up for some horrendous blunder - here it is a good alert move.

sbacat (2138) - kingaroo (2366) RHP Ch (Round 2) 2014

The solution to the opening puzzle.

The shop caught fire, Albert Smith is a fireman, his water hose did destroy 25% of
the books when putting out the fire but it saved the rest. The owner was very pleased.

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