RHP Lesson No.179 (The DVD)

RHP Lesson No.179 (The DVD)

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RHP Lesson No.179 (The DVD)


Five games and a link to an RHP YouTube Video.

So let us start of with:

marikinaboy (1711) - Zugswangzuks (1618) RHP Ch. .2013

A game that dips in and out of the pool of theoretical knowledge.
Black finds an uncommon way to swap Queens to quell the attack.
Sadly Black resigns just before White can let him have a new Queen (with check)
and then mate him.

Same White player, Same Championship, different player of the Black pieces.

marikinaboy (1711) - Lion of the Seas (2122) RHP Ch..2013

And as promised an RHP game featuring a line I mentioned in the first game.

fernandin (1629) - Alopinto (1706) RHP 2011

I have picked a game from the RHP Championship and done an RHP YouTube.

But first you must play out this game.

Vijay Kumar - filipepsantos RHP 2009

I first saw the opening moves of this game in a book on Opening Traps & Tricks years ago.

It was one of those penny dropping moments when I knew I had picked up something.

I had read about pawn moves creating weak squares and had seen the examples usually
taken from GM games but there were going right over my untrained head and I had a
1001 other unanswered questions regarding these games.

“Why not try thus?”, What’s wrong with that?” , “This looks better.”

(some cheapo and most likely unsound trap.)

And came to the conclusions that the people who wrote these books did not know
anything about chess tactics and neither did the players whose games I was playing over.

Then one day…..

40 years after getting the weak squares lesson. (note again the square d3 is the bogey.)

veager - greenpawn34 (that’s me!) RHP.2009

Here is the link to the RHP Vid.

JOSELUISPA - cabbages RHP Ch 2013

and when you have done that you can comeback and look at this piece of nonsense
also by me.

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  • Posted 2333 days and 32 minutes ago
    Cheers Kyplor. All corrected.

    I am Capablanca in reverse.

    Before he was taught the game and before anyone had shown him the moves. Capa when he was 4 saw his dad make an
    illegal Knight move.

    His dad could not believe this 4 year old knew the rules so
    challenged Capa to a game...the rest is history.
  • Posted 2333 days 1 hour and 7 minutes ago
    Standard memberKyplor
    First game, 15...Qb6
    [Note: White can stir things up with 16.Nf4 here (another common idea in this set-up) 16...gxf4 17,Qg5 note Black does not have 17..Ng6 as a defence because the b3 Bishops pins the f-pawn. That would have been an interesting try.]

    I believe you meant 16. Nf5 and 16...gxf5 (No Knight can move to f4 from game positions 15.

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