RHP Players - Please Stay Forever Young

RHP Players - Please Stay Forever Young

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RHP Players - Please Stay Forever Young

Christmas is just around the bend so I bought my grand daughter one of these.

Dot Book

Of course I tried one out and this (page 64):
Title here

turned into this.

That is Alexander Alekhine, World Chess Champion 1927-35 and 1937-1946
red pawns

I miss my youth. I want it back.

Yes I can put on a Beatles record and suddenly I’m transported back my teen years
in the 60’s. Long curly hair (I hated my curls, my Beatles cut made me look like I
had an octopus on my head.) my first pair of jeans, my first guitar, my awful chess….

If it’s naff being old, 64 in June, then it’s even more naff being what
is called a good chess player. I cannot bring myself to play some of
the moves you lot play. I’m not having a dig. I’m just pure jealous.

You do not have not the cobwebbed minds of playing over 100’s of GM games and
worrying about pawn structures, weak squares, loose pieces, and acres of opening theory.

It’s not the sight of teenage lovers holding hands that makes me want my youth back.
It’s the freshness of your awful ideas. I want to revert back to when I too had these ideas.

I see what you are up to ‘after’ you have the played the move. (usually, sometimes
you mystify me completely.) I rarely see some of these half-baked, impractical
and just plain crazy moves coming. When the idea becomes apparent I almost cry

Black’s 11th move. Why can’t I play like that….anymore?

kenan - John The Ripper RHP.2008

red pawns

You never forget our first kiss, your first record or your first stolen car.

Chess players never forget their first Queen sacrifice. (Edit: their first sound Queen Sacrifice.)

Larkie (1533) - cavecanem (1641) RHP 2014

red pawns

You know what is coming next. More horrors from the dark chambers of RHP.

mlourenco - Chestykoff RHP 2013 (White to play)

White is a Queen up and thought chopping wood is a good idea. 15.Bf5

15…Re1 Checkmate.

This next one is slightly annoying. It was played this year and all I have
been doing for the past 4 years is go on and on about Checking all Checks.
The player is not a newbie, they have been here since I started doing this blog.

I think we may be dealing with a none Blog Reader. I’ll test this theory.

wrhine if you are reading this PM me before Sunday and I’ll send
you a copy of my latest book no matter where in the world you live.

None of you other lot PM them to tell him or her - let us see what happens.
(and don’t try PM’ing me from a different account, I’m not that stupid.)

Having said that I’m slightly annoyed is wrong - on the whole I’m happy.

I have yet another example of an RHP player, currently graded under 1300
making a move and winning that not even the strongest computer would play.

Fritz, Rybka, Stockfish, (who names these computers, what are they smoking?)
would never play Black’s 5th move. They would play something else and lose.

wrhine (1233) - l6cum (1255) RHP 2014

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  • Posted 1778 days 12 hours and 13 minutes ago
    Hi Bill,

    It's an aquired skill, keep practising.

  • Posted 1778 days 20 hours and 44 minutes ago
    Standard memberbillwall
    I did the same connect-the-dots, but must have started wrong. I got the Andromeda Galaxy. It looked like this
  • Posted 1843 days 10 hours and 56 minutes ago
    Standard membersigrun
    "You do not have the cobwebbed minds of playing over 100’s of GM games and worrying about pawn structures, weak squares, loose pieces, and acres of opening theory." That is a great insight of how beginners minds work! & u remembered what it was like when u played these moves! It was FUN! unlike GMs' first moves which happened after lots of theory! well spotted!
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