Rook Man the Super Hero + Bullet Chess

Rook Man the Super Hero + Bullet Chess

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Rook Man the Super Hero + Bullet Chess

I know what you are all thinking. What is that crazy swine greenpawn up to now.

Is this cover the prelude to a creepy beast being released on the chess board.

It could be. Good idea. I do have a game where a Black Knight goes on the prowl.

Quirine - satyaprakash RHP 2006

No, it's not the prelude to that game. There is a story in the above
book written by Lord Dunsany. (1891-1943) called 'Two Bottles of Relish.'

it's a crime mystery thriller and one of the characters in the story thinks
solving chess problems is actually 10 times harder than solving murders.

Needless to say this problem solver solves the murder that has baffled
Scotland Yard. The horror bit is how the murderer disposed of the body.
They ate it.

I was going to nick this character and turn him into a Super Hero
Title here

Rook Man. The Chess Problem Solving Crime Buster.

“Is it a Knight?.......Is it a Bishop?....No....It's Rook Man!”

PBSAndreas - Marko Krale RHP 2014
Rook Man solving the case of the b4 square.

But no that is to corny even for me. What I am going to do is write
you a horror type detective story (how hard can it be?) with a hero.

My hero is a Native American Indian called Green Elk who is last of the Pawnee
(My imagination runs riot – Green Elf, Pawnee – greenpawn geddit? Paw-nee}

Green Elk is sitting in his office when the phone rings (you do the sound effects.)

A school janitor has been murdered and the only two suspects are
the Head Master and a pupil at the school. Before he died the janitor
set up a position on the chessboard to give a clue as to who killed him.

Green Elk asks if there is a White Queen on h5?

The answer is yes. Green Elk states the schoolboy is guilty and should be arrested.

Brilliant. The Janitor set up someone going for Scholars Mate so it must be the schoolboy.

A Red Hot Pawn example of Scholars Mate,

GAPAC - BlackBear32 RHP 2012

But No.! (the twist in the tale.......The Colombo moment) When
Green Elk gets to the school this is the position the janitor set up.

“Let the boy go.” says Green Elk arrest the Head Master.

Green Elk then explains to a room full of policemen that the
White King is in check so therefore it must be White to move.

“But how does that make the headmaster guilty?” asks one of the policemen.

“Look at the moves played on the board in algebraic notation.” replies Green Elk.

1.h5-e8 a4-d4

“The letters spell out the word 'H-E-A-D.”.

The End.
green bar

Now every Russian grandchild knows you cannot mate with two Knights.
However here at Red Hot Pawn some do not have Russian Grandparents.

ZorroTheFox - Quanto RHP 2013

This next one is a good lesson for all those (including me) who think when you
are winning, you are winning and it does not really matter what move you play.

brku - Checkov RHP 2010

Here Black played 61...Kc2? and after White replied 62. Nc4!

White either takes the pawn or after 62...c1=Q 63. Na3+ this was a draw.

If Black had thought about his 61st move there is a study like win

green bar

Another on the same topic. Chucking won games. Wait till you see this one.

hanmul - EJSSS RHP 2014

green bar

We end not with the customary horror show (we began with that.)

But a game of Bullet Chess (from another site - don't tell Russ).

Personally I despise Bullet Chess. It's a case of the brain is willing
but the hand that moves the mouse is far too slow. I think I've won
4 games out of 30. I'm doing OK when 'ping' and the game is over.

I also think that analysing in depth a Bullet Game is bordering on
farce. It's akin to criticising the acting in a Looney Tunes Cartoon.

But this game, played by two Grandmasters does have it's instructive
moments and is being hailed as the best ever Bullet Game of all time.

Of course I disagree. (any one of my 4 wins should be considered.)
However it does contain the unsound sacrifice of a Queen so on that
fact alone it fits perfectly into these pages. Unsound Sacs is our Motto

GM. Roland Schmaltz - GM. Ronen Har-Zvi , Chessworld, 2001
Bullet 'Looney Tune' Chess

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