Simple Chess and the Corridor Mate.

Simple Chess and the Corridor Mate.

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This book, quite rightly so, has been hailed as a mini classic.

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Quite a few of the older members here will have the one of the left.
For some reason, possibly a business going into administration the one
on the right (algebraic) is popping up in Oxfam charity shops all over
the country with players reporting the price varying from £2.99 - £3.99.

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In 2002 the 1978 original was transformed from descriptive to algebraic.
Although updating the notation from (1.P-K4 to 1.e3) is always welcome
sometimes the person, in this case Fred Wilson, doing it cannot help
themselves by chipping in with corrections and comments on the opening.

I’m happy to report that Fred played by the rules and left the original practically
untouched with very few minor corrections. One was needed due to an oversight
that must have exasperated Michael Stean when it was spotted after publication.

This is the culprit. White to play and win.

Michael is going through the Good Bishop v The Bad Bishop routine.

What was missed? The very first move wins!

1.Bg5 wins right away. 1...Bxg5 2.b6 a manoeuvre mentioned only later.

A harmless slip highlighting the danger of making up a position to illustrate a point.
If possible use examples from games. Then all the wee tricks have usually been noted.

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J. Nunn - S. Skembris Paris 1983

And now something slightly different. How many times have you seen this?

A Corridor Mate.

How about one like this in under 30 moves.

The closest I came was Kevin McGuirk - stevelettrich RHP2014 (Black to play)

Black, faced with three mates in one DID NOT play 30...Re1+ forcing 31.Bf1.Rexf1+
keeping the game going. Instead Black played 30....Rff2. Take your pick of the three mates.

But it is not just RHP players that miss Corridor Mates. Let us hold up a torch to
Berthold Englisch (1851 - 1897) Who missed a great chance v Isidor Gunsberg to
get a game of his into the combination books (and the funny pages - blogs like this)
with a wonderful idea . (If you want to you can call this Unheard Melody Part II)

The following position from the game does appears in ‘Blunders and Brilliancies’

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But sadly it is under the section marked ‘Missed Opportunities.’ (it is No.59)
If you ever see B & B in a charity shop grab it and pay double it’s asking price.

B. Englisch - I. Gunsberg, Hamburg 1885.

I found the mid-board Corridor Mate I mentioned earlier in a beauty of an OTB game.

I. Nikolayev - D. A Weatherly, Rochester, USA 2003

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