Sitting and Knitting, Playing and Praying.

Sitting and Knitting, Playing and Praying.

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Sitting and Knitting, Playing and Praying.

Is your life shallow and empty?
Do you feel you are drifting though existence without a purpose?
Has sorting your DVD collection into alphabetical order lost it’s appeal?

Worry no more and cheer up.


knitted set

Yes, you too can Knit Your Own Chess Set.!

Shelve the books, put he pieces back in the box......,
get out the needles and knit, knit, knit.

A Knitted Knight.

knitted knight

A Knitted King.

knitted king

I know what you are thinking, how did they do that cloak?
Simple. By following these instructions.

knitting rules

But beware! the woollen base makes the pieces slippy and they
tend to slide across the board and onto a square you never intended.

paul pablo has a knitted Chess Set.

ezevee - paulpablo24 RHP 2010

KC Gambit has a knitted Chess Set

KC Gambit - olddog RHP 2009

jambo17 has a knitted Chess Set

jambo17 - BLUEBOY40 RHP 2009

(Enough of the Knitted pieces jokes….Russ)

Did you see that last one? Here White to play.

White played 8.Qh5 in the hope Black won’t notice the mate on f7
and take the c4 Bishop instead.
Don’t laugh, I see this ‘play and pray’ a lot on RHP.
And I’ve seen it work!!

This is one is a wee bit crafty, the mate on f7 does not
come from a on Queen on h5 or a Queen on f3.

Rick28 - robbielynch RHP 2010

Of course ‘Play and Pray Chess’ is not good Chess.
It’s OK for blitz but for the serious game one should try to credit
one’s opponent with a bit of sense.

Did I just type that? My Chess is based solely on my opponent
making blunders and falling into my wee traps.

Mine though are a more devious and cunning.
If I can spot a shot that does not rebound too much
and gives me a wretched position then I’ll go for it.

For instance, remember this from jambo17 - BLUEBOY40

Look and learn boys. Watch how this old hacker trapper would have done it.

The lad in this game shows promise.

benchmark - LarryW RHP 2009

Right I’m off to Knit me up a Chess Set to practice my traps on.

I suppose there is a whole bunch of chess terms and openings jokes
I could now add relating to knitting. Alas all I can come up with is;

The ‘Weaver’ Adams and the Cardi-Gan (Caro Kann or Catalan).

If you can think of one or two more then add them in the comments.
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