Tal Book Competition and Bullet Chess

Tal Book Competition and Bullet Chess

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Tal Book Competition and Bullet Chess

To win ‘The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal’ all you need do is...

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...guess how many pocket chess set pieces are in the shot glass.

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There are three sets involved so no more than 48.

Just a piece nonsense fun for me to pass on a doubler. If you want to give me
a headache then you can choose a number already taken because if two or more
are correct then I’ll have to think up a tie-breaker and that will be a right pain.
The closing date is 31st Jan Use the link at the bottom to enter a number. Good Luck!
(I have told Russ the number so it’s fair and the number does have a Tal connection.)

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Staying with Tal here is an unheard melody Tal mentions in the book.

M. Tall - V. Smyslov, Candidates, 1959

And predictable as ever, a Red Hot Pawn example of the same matting pattern

speste - eek a mouse RHP 2014

Next the same pattern from the Black side where we see a blatant trap that was sprung.

woody65 - moregan RHP 2011


I have won one online Bullet Game (one minute each for the whole game.) Match this
with my 20 losses and I gave up on it. The games are often ugly with ridiculous moves
being played as both players trying to flag each other. This game is a wonderful exception.
Carlsen's Bishops tie up Caruana's pieces in what is being called ‘Carlsen’s Minute Waltz.'

F. Caruana - M. Carlsen, Speed Chess Championship 2022

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 195905 use this link
to enter your guess. It's a great book, you have nothing to lose.
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