The Bishop and Two Rooks

The Bishop and Two Rooks

The Planet Greenpawn

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The Bishop and Two Rooks

Greenpawn’s green pawn.

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I Recently rediscovered this mate in three by Eugene B. Cook.

I knew (or felt I knew, my memory is playing OAP tricks on me these days) I had
used this before in an old blog. I did, in 2014, so I’ll jump straight to the solution.

Staying with the article from 2014 (it was part of a Christmas Quiz ) I then looked
for two Rooks v a lone Bishop and the lone Bishop actually winning and I found this.

ehenes - KDale RHP 2011

So now I’m wondering, are there any other two Rook v a lone Bishop games.

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Ooops - historybites RHP 2018
The chosen nickname by White in this game could not be more apt.

White to play. Black is threatening 1...Bf3+ and mate next move.
White stopped Bf3+ with 1.Rf1 and was checkmated with 1...g2.

White should have played (amongst many other moves that win)
1.Rxg3+ Kxg3 2.Rg5...

...and Rxg4 on the next move.

Whilst doing a spot of re-hashing old stuff (please forgive, but it would wrong
to leave this one out of this weeks theme.) it too is from another old blog .

Bobbyt65 - Stewie rules RHP 2006
I’ve often wondered, ‘Stewie rules’ did he know the rules about en passant.

No more rehashing, though that last one is good. These next two are fresh.

banjojohn81 - Rad Dad RHP 2018

How Black could have stopped that f7 pawn..

Staying on the subject of two Rooks v a lone Bishop. This one is from this year.

lstcyr - Titotot RHP 2022

And finally we leave with a Lone Bishop fighting a Knight and a Rook.

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BigD00 - RMG101 RHP 2011

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 193987
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