The Chess Pub Trap, Study and Problem

The Chess Pub Trap, Study and Problem

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The Chess Pub Trap, Study and Problem

There is a pub ‘The Pawn Lounge’ in Alexandria near Dumbarton, Scotland
that has a smashing chess mural painted on the outside. Recently I went there.

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I just had to have a picture of me leaning against that painted pawn.

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And then inside for a nice pint of Caledonian with a King and Knight.

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green pawns

I came across this recently it was composed by John Roycroft, New Statesman 1954.

White to play and win. I am going to give the solution right away.

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Now, as usual, we look at a few Red Hot Pawn KBN v KN endgames.

Sefton Wallet - wallspore RHP 2012

Banzai - cevans RHP 2016

This game too finished in a draw when there was a win just sitting there.

If ever you find yourself defending this ending then this game should give you ideas.

pawink - Kerella RHP 2018

red pawns

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This position arises after the moves. 1.e4 c5 2.b4 cxb4 3.a3 d5 4.exd5 Qxd5.

9 RHP players and 8 OTB players have played 5.axb4 here which loses to Qe5+.

Perhaps one of the most infamous OTB (Over The Board) games was:
K. Shirazi (2465) - J. Peters (2500) the USA Ch. 1984. 1-0 in 5 moves.

Theory recommends 5.Nf3 and I was wondering what may happen should Black
reintroduce the threat with 5...Bg4 and came up with this. Come fly with me.

OK not entirely sound but you get the idea. Kings first, Queens second.

Qe5+ followed by Qxa1 in the opening is frequent here.
Amazingly 609 Red Hot Pawn games have gone this way.

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I picked up a copy of this July 2000 French magazine.

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I don’t speak French but the games are all in standard notation.

It had inside this lovely mate in 5 from Alphonse Grunenwald 1945.

It is a real work of art and viewing it will bring pleasure. Solution below.

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  • Posted 711 days 5 hours and 44 minutes ago
    Yes the pieces are coloured tht way. A few years back I bought sets all different colours, red, blue, green, yellow etc... And Guinness is served in all good Scottish pubs.
  • Posted 763 days 21 hours and 25 minutes ago
    Standard memberChess Mentor
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  • Posted 791 days 16 hours and 59 minutes ago
    Standard memberShallow Blue
    Guinness? In Scotland? I think you'll find that that's Tennents!
  • Posted 791 days 18 hours and 34 minutes ago
    I say, old chap, were the chess pieces in that Scottish pub really violet and pink, or had the person behind the camera had too many pints of Guinness?
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