The Curse of Planet Greenpawn (Part III) + Mirror Games

The Curse of Planet Greenpawn (Part III) + Mirror Games

The Planet Greenpawn

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The curse of Planet Greenpawn.

Remember this bit of spoofing from a few blogs ago:

“Global warming has dried up the River Floogle which used to flow into the Forth
so the water level of the Forth has fallen and now everytime there is a low tide
you can see these unexploded WWII bombs laying about all over the beach.”

This is from yesterdays newspaper.

Newspaper Title

Newspaer blurb

green bar

This was picked up for nothing.

Most Instructive Games

That is correct. Nothing.
The previous owner has written something on the blank pages
before the games start and scribbled a bit on the cover.
so the junk shop had it in a recycle bin.

One of the best ever books written on chess and it is laying there
along with all kinds of junk ready to get all pulped and turned into what
ever it is pulped up books get pulped into.

I cannot see the point of having two books the same so it s freebie
to anyone in the world.

It goes to the first person to PM me their shortest win on RHP ending
in checkmate, but the score must be indescriptive notation.

The book is in descriptive. I want to be sure the winner understands
descriptive so I know this book will not be a dust gatherer.

Keep an eye on Thread 143648 to see if we have a winner.

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Now here is a money making trick shown to me by a U-Boat Captain.

My ship ‘The Brass Monkey’ was torpedoed in 1969 and…


(the war officially ended in 1945 but this Captain had not read his emails
so he did not know it was over. You should have seen his face when I told him.)

Anyway, we became great pals and he showed me this:

You bet someone that they as Black copy every move you make as
though playing in a mirror and you can mate them in 5 moves.

You demonstrate how to play it thus.

Now they have the idea how to copy your moves you take White and play…

Let me know how much money you make.

green bar

We have some copy-cat games on RHP. First the stem game.
A well known follow my leader type trap.

Up steps maysky - ivanuzz RHP 2008

hansutin - Climacus RHP2008
Where we see the real value of a tempo gained/lost.

myteamtrulystinks - Bob Sacamano RHP
A Wonderful instructive blunder from Black in this one

Here is what could have / should have happened.

I mentioned a Chernev book. Here is another.

Wonders Book

From within it’s pages we find what must be the Evergreen of
symmetrical games. Even the names of the players play their part.

White is a player called Weiss (German for White)
Black is a player called Schwartz (German for Black)

It sounds too incredible to be true. A Wonder and Curiosity indeed.

The games was played in Nuremberg in 1883

If you have a game or position on this theme, anything else of interest
or simply want to insult me then Thread 143648
The Planet Greenpawn
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