The Cursed Chess Set

The Cursed Chess Set

The Planet Greenpawn

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The Cursed Chess Set

Another Book Review.

One of the English Chess Forum some lads was saying he had read a book about a cursed chess set.

After a few days he recalled it was this one:

A Book

I got my hands on a copy and as it’s quite thin and in very large print I read it all within 15 minutes.
Here it is by comparison with ‘The Chess Struggle in Practise’ by Vainstein and Bronstein

Two Books

If you do not have a copy of ‘The Chess Struggle in Practise’ to judge the size of ‘A Game of Life and Death’
then you can tell me what chess book you do have and I'll do a picture with that book.

Another way you can judge the size is………..

(For Pete’s sake greenpawn forget about the bloody size, what was it about…………..Russ)

It’s about a chess set that is cursed. Who ever play on it and losses, dies.
I won’t tell you anymore as I don’t want to spoil it for you.

(What kind of book review is this….’it’s thin.’…….Russ)

em…...well that’s it.

green bar

I’m fed up doing book reviews.
What’s the point of me (or anyone else for that matter) reviewing a new chess book.
You will only be able to say if it did you any good in 40-50 years time.

I’ll just stick to the tried and trusted Planet Greenpawn formula of finding
a good instructive Master game which has a Mr Sly Boots trick hiding in it.

The Master will avoid it but one or more of you lot are bound to fall for it.

I am typing this on Wednesday 5th February 2014. On that day in 1926 this happened.

Edgar Colle - Max Euwe, Antwerp, 1926

Again I express a slight surprise that this game…..

(Greenpawn are you sure about the date and the same day?....................Russ)

Of course not, I just needed a link to get into this game. The year is right and there
is a 365-1 chance I’m right about the day. Don’t worry about it, none of this lot will check it.

Again I express a slight surprise that this game is not in Chernev’s ‘Most Instructive Games’
nor his ‘Logical Chess’. I could write a good book using all the good games he left out.
(Then some book reviewer can tell us in 40 years time if it was any good.)

It’s probably too short and White’s moves are a bit loose for a player of Colle’s ability.

After six White moves this position appeared. (it’s Black to play)

There was a time when this position would have been classed as an automatic White win. Read on.

Back here:

I asked why White cannot play 10.0-0. The answer of course is 10.0-0 c4+ wins a piece.

Alas I found one RHP victim who castled in exactly the same position.
It came from a different move order, always instructive to see how.

coquette - Jaume RHP 2009

In the Colle - Euwe game I mentioned jamjamjoe - Dalradian RHP 2012 here it is.

This next game fragment is entertaining. Black sets up White for a real cutie.

jamjamjoe - Dalradian RHP 2006

And we bring the curtain down on another show with the comedy act;

cloneone - JAIROSKY RHP 2009

‘A Game of Life and Death’ by Anita Jackson ISBN 0-7487-6435

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