The Evans Gambit and......a Smurf

The Evans Gambit and......a Smurf

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The Evans Gambit and......a Smurf

Been on holiday, nowhere exotic. Up north in Scotland. I never go abroad.
Abroad is not Scotland. Nowhere is like Scotland and anyway I was forced to
my surrender my passport a few years ago. (that’s another story for another blog).

I went on a boat and saw dolphins and minky whales. These dolphins don’t
half jumped some height in the air when you throw fireworks into the water.

Picked up one of these in a 2nd hand shop by Loch Ness for £1.50.

Travel Computer

Never saw the Loch Ness monster. The tourists thought they did and kept taking
pictures of the wife. Next year I’ll push her in the loch and charge the tourists money.

I call her ‘my wee treasure’. Someone buried her 250 year ago and I’ve just dug her up.

Back at the hotel I gave the computer a game. (batteries were included.)

Holiday Harry - The Computer, Inverness 2014

“The Evans Gambit “

I mentioned this position in the notes. After 7…dxc3.

Is that sac 8.Bxf7+ any good? It certainly looks the best try.
I found a very interesting position in an RHP game.

Medievalist - chessjock RHP 2011

“The Hanging Rook”

red pawns

The Second Round of the RHP 2014 Championship should be kicking off soon.
There are 197 games still being played. One cautious lad is involved in seven of them.
He has not stopped moving and a few of his unfinished games can go either way.

Till then here are some recent interesting game most of the from the 2014 Championship.

Tomboniboi - ontheclock RHP Ch 2014

“Rules of Thumb”

Bobla45 - Diapason RHP Ch.2014

“The Trap”

kiana (1400) - bosworth (1502) RHP 2014

"The Wasted Temo"

Smurf 1

And who the bloody hell are you?

Sorry about that lads…where was I.
kiana (1400) - bosworth (1502) RHP 2014 (continued)

Smurf 3

Get off the blog you blue twerp.

Sorry lads, must be Swiss Gambit messing about.

kiana (1400) - bosworth (1502) RHP 2014 (continued)

Smurf 3

Sod off….you are screwing things up.
kiana (1400) - bosworth (1502) RHP 2014 (continued)

Smurf 4

Excuse me for just a moment lads....

That is the end of him.

Thunderrook - GIBB0N RHP Ch.2014

“The Queen Sacrifice.”

pikejohn - Knightingale RHP Ch 2014

“Mate in Six.”

I’ll leave you with this.

White to play and draw. How does White stop the Kg2, Bf1 and h2=Q idea.

Give it a go, remember your Sherlock Holmes, when all else fails then
look for the most improbable and that will be the solution which I’ll post
in the thread accompanying this blog Thread 160537 in a few days time.
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