The Great Chess Stamp  Scandal

The Great Chess Stamp Scandal

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The Great Chess Stamp Scandal

Where to begin this one....Best I think to start of with the book.
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I’ll quickly cover old ground which I’m sure 99% of the planet know.

Fleming uses a chess game in the book It has been established it is this
game Reshevsky - Botvinnik Moscow 1955. I’ll give that game in full at the end.

In the book the game is between Kronsteen and Makharov. In the film
of the book the game is played between Kronsteen and McAdams and
they use the game Spassky and Bronstein, USSR Championship 1960.

The film makers thinking chess game were copyright removed two pawns.
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White played Nxe5+ and Black resigned in the film and in the real game.
Here is a still from the film the moment Black resigns.
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The actor playing Kronsteen (Spassky) was the Polish actor Vladek Sheybal .

Time passes and into the story we now welcome the Union Des Comores, an
island off the east coast of Africa who decide to produce a set of chess stamps.
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One very slight problem is the player depicting Boris Spassky...
Title here the actor who played him. Vladek Sheybal.

(not one of my ‘gags’, the blown up stamp is from Edward Winter chess history site.)

Edward Winter’s site.
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Bronstein - Tartakower, Saltsjobaden Interzonal 1948

Black to play. What happened next.

Answer after this picture of me advertising my Chess Tour of Edinburgh.
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Bronstein - . Tartakower, Saltsjobaden Interzonal 1948

A crazed Lithuanian who blamed the Russians for the death of the sister, tried to
attack Bronstein because he was a Russian. Bronstein, a Ukrainian Jew whose father
had served time in a Gulag was hardly what you might call the ideal anti Soviet target.

Bronstein was unharmed and it was only the pieces and board that suffered.
After a brief pause both players carried on with the game. Bronstein won.
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Now back to books. Recently I finished reading this. (Review = It’s OK.)
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On page 234 we read the following...
Title here

Obviously the author has look at study in a newspaper and used this in the book.

What study? I’ve no idea but I have found some RHP games with this ending.
As usual I found a couple of games where things have gone instructively wrong.

bob58 - PantherUK RHP 2016

There is an idea very well worth knowing in this game. It could save ½ a point.

This next one is an easier way to draw which the RHP player missed.

ricco - Bodiea RHP 2016

green pawns

And yet another book. This time it is.
Title here

And here is me looking at this book and discovering a wee plausible trap.
Title here

Me and the book analysis.

Which brings me on nicely to RHP games with the same them.

CJ Scooby - mihai52 RHP 2012

Same theme this time with White playing 0-0-0+

Itsallzen - retrokid RHP 2012

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 173451

Reshevsky Botvinnik, Moscow 1955

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