The Knight's Triangle + The Immortal Perpetual

The Knight's Triangle + The Immortal Perpetual

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The Knight's Triangle + The Immortal Perpetual


The theme of the week is Knights and the things they do.
That’s me in a shadow of a Knight leaning against a Rook.
red pawns

Now I know that you know that I know that you know you that you cannot
Checkmate a King with a Knight and Bishop if it is in the ‘wrong corner’.

The correct corner is the corner square the same colour as your Bishop.

Istvan1990 - Banfieldspawn RHP 2014

Black mated with 1….Ne2 2.Ka7 Nc1+ 3.Ka1 Bc3 mate.

Trying to do it in the wrong corner, the corner square not covered by your Bishop.
Then as the KBN player you may suffer the same sad fate as 32 other RHP games.

paulwagle - daithioconaill RHP 2013.

Black has just been stalemated. Yes so far we have 32 stalemates with KBN v K,

However, and Chess has a brilliant habit of producing “howevers”.
If we add a pawn then we can actually break the wrong corner rule.

This week’s instructive point being that not all endgame pawns are gold dust.
Sometimes, to your advantage, you can leave an opponent’s pawn on the board

catnap642 - Duimex RHP 2012 Game 8968762

red pawns

The Knights Triangle.
Knights Triangle

You have all heard of the Bermuda Triangle and the Eternal Triangle.
Today we look at The Knight’s Triangle a regular guest here on RHP.

Here is the bare bones of the Knight’s Triangle with White to play.

1.Nd5? Nxd5 2.Bxe7 Nxe7 and because Knights can move backwards Black is a piece up.

Here is an example from play.
Gwaihir - dabensta RHP 2013

One more so we get the pattern firmly established.
(Guess how many RHP players have fallen for this.)

Grissom - jaapm RHP 2007

Also note the dangers of changing a plan. This too is a frequent fault on RHP.
The reason is obvious. With days in between moves a player simply forgets
what they intended (I know I have) and plays what looks like a good move.

White is shaping up to challenge the d-file but is suddenly presented with a better idea.

Of course this common RHP blunder can be played by the Black player.
but statistics indicate it is usually White that is the victim of this oversight.

White has lost a piece this way 807 times on RHP
Black has lost a piece this way 351 times on RHP

Which endorses the legend that it is better to have Black on RHP because the
blunder will come that one move sooner. Often the White player is too impulsive

C.S. Purdy put it much better a long time before the internet was invented.

“The player who completes his development first is said to have the initiative because he is
thus able to start making blunders while his opponent is still occupied in bringing out his men.”

Taken from "Among These Mates" Chess Review (Australia), 1939.

We leave the Triangle with this wee nugget played between:

Globetrekker - Timmonnj RHP 2013

red pawns

And we end with, judging by the messages and games I get sent, the most popular part of the show.

I’m convinced people don’t look at the rest, they just swoop down the page to see if
their name is mentioned, breathe a sigh of relief if it’s not, then play over and chuckle
at the poor wretch whose blunder has been discovered in amongst the rubble of RHP.

Here is a game that arrived yesterday in the Pandora's Box I call my In Tray.

caoimho - Larkie RHP 2015

White is winning on material and position. The Captain leaves the bridge and the
lookout fails to spot an iceberg. Not quite the same disaster as the Titanic but close.

Black plays the best move but has me howling because he had a ‘better’ move.

That was a Hook mate. I’ve 100’s of those. Black should have played….

Some other Knight perpetuals with the same pattern which are worth knowing.

jpoconne - Th3dream RHP 2013

Black drew with Kh2 Nf1+ Kh1 Ng3+ etc…

Kostic Sasa - champion76 RHP 2006

White has and took the perpetual with Ng6 + and Nf8+

chessicle - Chufty Jones RHP 2006

Same pattern as above but this time it’s a Knight on g8.

Finally this one which deserves to seen in full as it has a good point.

Ullr - hazer RHP 2007

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