The MCO and the Brain Cell + RHP Ch Rd 2 Games

The MCO and the Brain Cell + RHP Ch Rd 2 Games

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The MCO and the Brain Cell + RHP Ch Rd 2 Games

So when this position….

…appeared in Thread 148543 as I was clicking through the game
a wee bell rang in my brain.

That is a French Defence Advanced in reverse.

I added some analysis to the actual game. (see thread) but the thing that
caused the ‘ding’ was the posted position.

We go back to 1973 and everyone was running around with madness in
their eyes and frothing at the mouth:

“MCO 11 is out….MCO 11 is out.”

A Truly Usless Chess Book

I bought one.

Now what?

So not having a clue what to do with it I went through it looking for that
most hallowed of chess words: ‘Gambit.’.

I found tucked away in the section on the Slav. (1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6) the Winawer Gambit.
1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nc3 e5

I was already playing the Albin Counter Gambit.
1.d4 d5 2.c4 e5 3.cxd5 d4

So the idea of getting in d4 after 4.dxe5 d4 with a hit on the Nc3 Knight appealed.

First chance I got to play it (the score has long since been lost but not the lesson.)

My opponent played 4.e3. ‘Idiot…that is not in MCO’ I thought and played 4…e5.

This is a pure Advanced variation of the French Defence with Black a tempo down.

I only discovered this after the game when my opponent after hammering me
told me that is why he played 4.e3.

I was clueless in the game as to what was going on.
He on the other hand had a ready made plan over 100 years old…..with a tempo up!

Today’s lessons.

You learn from your losses. Especially if you swallow your pride and go over
the loss with the winner.
Some Herbert’s advocate playing over your losses with a computer.
I doubt if anything these toys show you will ring a mind bell 40 years later.
I can still remember him shrugging his shoulders and saying this is a French
Defence in reverse.

Which brings me onto lesson two.
Remember these moments when you pick up something.
The thought never even entered my head OTB.

Also Don’t trust MCO or any opening book till you have looked at the line in depth.
(and look at for possible reversed positions.)

Finally: Don’t think your opponent is an idiot.
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The Duck

Was that green chops whining and moaning about the MCO again?
He has 29 (just counted them) books on openings....if he hates opening
books so much how come has so many? (one of you ask him that.)

And one book on endgames!
Endgame Ernie is not holiday, he’s simply run out of ideas to use him.

(anyway should you not be flying south for the winter?)

Hi Guys.

Let’s have a look at some Round 2 RHP 2012 Championship Games.

funkydunky71 - Brodaty RHP 2012 Ch. Rd2

White misses Black’s 8th move by playing a natural developing move. (8.Bg2)
This sets of a firework display of tactics with White just one move behind
in the who is who beating race.

infomast - zawinul RHP 2012 Ch. Rd2

Where we see another set of tit for tat tactical exchanges.

Avrelii - RFN RHP 2012 Ch. Rd2

This one has a nice alert wrap up.

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It's Ernie

Hi Guys. Endgame Ernie Here.
I’m back! (I had to come back after what the Duck said.)

Let us look at a deep agreed draw.

Nezeru - Lute4 RHP 2012 Ch. Rd2. Black to play.

This position was agreed a draw.
It certainly looks as if White has the win with the simple 1.b7.
How does Black stop that pawn?

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Thank you Ernie.
And now this wonderful wee game that has quite a few instructuve turns.
I have not wrung it dry in the analysis but stuck to the basics.
You will enjoy this one.

Mike Corey - mikenay RHP 2012 Ch. Rd2

Finally: What Happened Next (part II)?

Azimut - wsossin RHP 2012 Ch. Rd2 White to play.

Any Knight move discovering check and White mates in a few. (try it)
The game was agreed a draw.

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