The Other 2024 Chess Candidates.

The Other 2024 Chess Candidates.

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The Other 2024 Chess Candidates.

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From a cartoon in CHESS August 1967. (I coloured it in for effect.)
I’m sure this was the first chess cartoon I saw in a chess magazine.
green pawns

A pleasant change from a drawing of two old men playing chess asleep and
covered in cobwebs which were common before Bobby Fischer appeared.

This week’s puzzle I picked up in a Russian magazine, no composers name.
The King and Bishop dominate the Knight. But there a cute move to find.

White to play and win.


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All I’ve heard is that a female player called Candy Dates is playing chess in Toronto.
Sources say if she wins this event she will play a world title match against Dame Liren.
no title

Sadly no games from Candy Dates game but I did find this effort from Toronto

F. Caruana - H. Nakamura, Toronto 2024 Rd.1 (Black to play)

Nakamura played 23...Rxf2 a wonderfully worked out sac to get a three fold rep.
Caruana never played 24.Kxf2 but 24.Rbxd5 instead and the game was eventually
drawn. We shall look at what could have happnend if Caruana had taken the Rook,

I mentioned 3.Rxd4 Qe1 mate. I wonder how many RHP players have been mated this
way. The number runs into thousands. I could do the next 30 blogs on back rank mates.
I’ll spare a few blushes and tears by limiting it to just a couple of examples. (for now.)

Balu Muthusamy - Peppe Catapano RHP 2023 (White to play)

A very common RHP blunder coming up. A material grab or a threat without looking.
21.Qxg7 Qe1 mate. Until your King has luft, (21.h3!) always check your back rank.

palmer45 - truthisnow 2014 (we have to play this one out.)

We end with a piece of chessboard magic. Some amateur players have in the past been
lucky enough to be have had their day in the sunshine. The day when every moved clicked.
Black gives up two Knights, two Bishops and both Rooks to checkmate White’s King.

N.N. - Edward Mason, London League Match, 1948.

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