The Pinned Knight. + Lemons

The Pinned Knight. + Lemons

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The Pinned Knight. + Lemons


Touchdown by Gerrard Oswald


The title says it all. Today it’s them tomorrow it’s you….

Costad (1447) - laurence c (1384) RHP .2013

powercosmic - pujanice RHP.2010

dejongh (1290) - Aanatol (1451) RHP.2013

MATIC - oishi RHP.2007

The Pinned Knight.

This tale all starts from this theoretically known position.

And here is how you get there.

Now say a big hello to PantherUK and mang00neg.
In 2008 they reached this position twice and on both occasions mang00neg was Black.

In the first game he went for displacing the White King with 7…Bxf3 8.Qxf3 Bxd2+
and the game was drawn.

mang00neg must have had a look at this game because when the position arose in the
second game he played the piece winning 7…g5 8. Bg4 g4..

See it?

The f3 Knight must move and 8…Ne4 wins the pinned Knight on d2.

Some big guns as White have fallen for this trick in the past. Colle (lost) Uhlmann (drew it)
and Tarrasch who won! (we will see the Tarrasch and Uhlmann games in a minute.)

A recent a scalp is Iksanov (2014 ) - Darmin (2342) Ufa Dautov Mem. 2009

Now we see how Uhlmann pulled himself out of the water.

Uhlmann - Kinnmark, Halle 1963

Now we come to main part of the show, the real reason for posting this line.

S. Tarrasch - E. Bogoljubow, Goteborg, 1920.

You won’t find this game in Tarrasch’s Best Games by Freddy Reinfeld nor will you find in the Most Instructive Games of Chess by Chernev.
But to me it is a perfect and easy to understand example of a good player squeezing
the most out of technically lost position and setting your opponent problems.

Tarrasch stumbles into this opening trick and fights by latching on to a tactical
nuance in the position, a Knight pinned to a Queen.

On that day in 1920 these two great players (both played World Championship Matches.)
sat down and for a few hours all they discussed was the basic tactic of a pinned piece.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 155452

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  • Posted 2204 days 14 hours and 36 minutes ago
    Standard memberTaqju
    I've made many lemon moves in my time. But on the upside I've played some good chess too
  • Posted 2256 days 13 hours and 37 minutes ago
    Chess is easy.

    The hard part is playing it.
  • Posted 2257 days 15 hours and 31 minutes ago
    Standard memberRoberto Martins
    great analysis... I'm new to chess but loving it... you make chess look easy lol. thanks
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