The Puzzle + Beat Your Box + B v N Stats.

The Puzzle + Beat Your Box + B v N Stats.

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The Puzzle + Beat Your Box + B v N Stats.

You pay a surprised visit to your granddad, bring him some peppermints
or something like that.
When he is sitting comfortably you grabbed his ancient wooden chessboard.

board complete

And with the aid of a hidden chainsaw you cut it in two thus:

cut board

and then stick it back together again with glue thus:

missing square

“OK Grandad count the squares.”

And if you count the solid squares you get 62, then add the two triangular bits. = 63.
So where did the missing square go?

(see below)

green bar

A question Thread 134697 by Tiwaking about why did a player
play e4-e5 in the Closed Sicilian brought back memories of a sequence
of moves that was sure to give you an eye popping opening against
your favourite computer.

After 1.e5 c5 The Sicilian Overture white plays. 2.e5

The computer now plays 2…Nc6 to hit the e-pawn.
You play 3.f4 to protect it, and the box undermines the e-pawn with 3…g5.
(not your everyday human move that one, this is box greed at it’s best ).

You play 4.Bc4 it takes on f4 4…gxf4 and you sac the Bishop.
5.Bxf7+ KxB 6. Qh5+ Ke6 7.Qg4+ Kxe5

And this looks good but I don’t think there is a forced win there.
(Some of you guys with the super-duper kits can dig about for one. )

Though OTB v a human I’d fancy my chances, especially if the human has
not been here before.

So instead of 7.Qg4+ 7.Nf3 looks like the best shot.

Myself and a few others looked at this years ago without a box.
We found winning lines, we found defences…
Again be interested to see what RB4 etc makes of this.

Two short games to show Kings taking early walks to e5 on RHP

dubnikova - hubris RHP 2009

Black sets the Blackburne Shilling Trap. This upset White so much
he sacs two pieces (unsoundly but wins anyway ).

A successful King stroll this time. Black grabs what he can and keeps it!

Kryon13 - Adsum RHP 2009

green bar

Stats on RHP

Robbie ‘The Cockney’ Corrobie was wondering what the score was on
the 1400 database with 2 Bishops v 2 Knights.

The pure ending, no other pieces just 2 Bishops v 2 Knights (and of course Kings…. )

This is from the Bishop’s perspective.

White has the two Bishops. 439 games.

Won 216 (49% )
Drew 98 (23% )
Lost 125 (28% )

Black has the two Bishops. 605 games.

Won 320 (52% )
drew 140 (25% )
Lost 145 (23% )

Pure ending 1 Bishop v 1 Knight no other pieces.

White had the lone Bishop 11560 games

Won 4369 (37% )
Drew 2818 (26% )
Lost 4373 (37% )

Black had the lone Bishop 13447 games.

Won 5349 (39% )
Drew 3189 (25% )
Lost 4909 (36% )

Of course there are tactical errors and oversights to take into consideration
but these do balance themselves out.

How does this compare with the good guys. Well I have the Informator
1-93 DB and these are just the games by the good guys. (94,612 games ).

Pure 2 Bishops v 2 Knights games.

White has the two Bishops. 49 games

Wins 29 (59% )
Draw 13 (27% )
Lost 7 (14% )

Black had the two Bishops. 36 games.

Won 11 (30% )
Drew 16 (45% )
Lost 9 (25% )

So Two Bishops in the hands of the good guys carries some clout.

Pure ending 1 Bishop v 1 Knight no other pieces.

White had the Bishop. 842 games.

Won 376 (44% )
Drew 284 (35% )
Lost 182 (21% )

Black had the Bishop 746 games

Won 184 (24% )
Drew 243(34% )
Lost 319 (42% )

Incredible how the wins differ with the colour with the single piece ending.
The lone White Bishop wins (44% ) of the games and yet the lone Black
Bishop only wins (24% ) and has lost on this DB (1966 - 2005 ) (42% ).

What are the good guys doing with their White Knights?

Back on RHP we see the end of a Bishop and Knight ending.
One pawn move brings total disaster.

Slow Racer - vorgod RHP 2008

Finally we see a trap sprung.
Black goes for a sneaky pete and why not.
White misses the in-between trick. 0-1

kinboshi - Vorsyth 2009

Fatwhale (see his comments.)

Has sent a pic showing where the missing square has gone.

Fat Whale

Of course he wrong.
The missing square was eaten by a Goblin.
An nasty Goblin wearing a red jacket and blue shoes.

The same Goblin that steals my pawns and pieces during my games.
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