The Rip Off and the 11 Year Old Champion.

The Rip Off and the 11 Year Old Champion.

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The Rip Off and the 11 Year Old Champion.

Hi Campers

By a quirk of fate and some rotten bad luck mine and Mrs greenpawn’s holidays
just happened to happen at the same time.

To be honest I am not what you would call the holiday type. I never go anywhere.

Why should I?
I live in the most beautiful city in the world and I pay a monthly rent in advance.
So what is the point of going someplace which is nowhere near as nice as Edinburgh,
paying another rent on top of the one I have already paid and making myself a
complete stranger.
(also there is a severe danger that if you wander too far you will fall off the edge of the world.)

“Travel and broaden your horizons.”
No thank you, I don't go anywhere near horizons.

Mrs greenpawn usually holidays by going to an annual reunion with her old army pals.
The Women’s Corp of the 91st Panzer Division.

I saw her ironing her old uniform and polishing her medals so thought this
year would be no different.
It was only when we woke up both expecting the other to go to work that we discovered
we were both actually on holiday at the same time.

So I suggested a week in Whitley Bay and off we went.
Of course when she found herself at the 99th British Championship she was not chuffed.
‘Not Chuffed’ is the wrong term, the complete opposite of chuffed (what ever that is )
would fit her mood far better.

“I’ve not come down here to look at all your geeky friends playing chess.”

I pride myself in having geeky friends who play chess. I love geeky. Geeky is the new cool.

Hell hath no fury like a women conned and hell was heading my way in all it’s fury.
but I was allowed to take a few pictures from the British and then spent 3 days
playing the part of the tourist.

This is me….

Me Paddling

…standing in oil slick close to the edge of the world.
And some pics from the 2012 British.


That is Danny Gormally in the checked shirt. He is playing….


It’s a new idea from the ECF to combat inter-net chess.
(the ‘if you can’t beat them, join them.’ policy.)
Let players choose their own nicknames like they do here.
Till they have picked a nickname they are simply known as a number.

On the screen behind Danny Gormally (that is not his real name, it’s his nickname)
is BBC’s live coverage of the game being played.

(Live national coverage of a game of chess? Is that true………Russ)


Here is No.16….


The guy he is playing in the light stripped shirt has chosen the nickname
'The Flaming Apache Arrow.'

And here is Andrew Martin (nickname Andrew Martin)…

Martin Andrews

…..doing the running commentary of another game in progress.

There was another bloke sitting next to Andrew who was also doing the
commentary but I did not know his nickname so I cut him out of the picture.

So let us look at a game from the 2012 British Championship.
No problem. I turned up at Rd3. and bought one of these.

The Bulletin

Super-duper I’ve saved £1.00. Look at the cover.

The Rip Off

Turn the page, copy the notes into here word for word and claim they copied
their notes word for word from me. Its a cinch this blog writing stuff.
I turn the page and I see…

A 2011 game

Nigel Short? He’s not playing in the British this year. What going on?
Back to front cover and check out the small print.

The Small Print

I’ve been robbed! I have just paid £1.00 for last years games!

Me! Fleeced by a kind face and pretty smile.

OK I’m leaving the comments box on. You can do your bidding from there.
Starting price is 10p and it’s post free to anywhere in the world.
(the winner can PM an address where to send it.)
Closing date 4th August of 2012. Good Luck.

I do have a game from 2012 British Championship. Here it is.

A. Gupta - G. Haridas British 2012 U-11 Championship.

I’ll set the scene. It’s the last round of 7 rounds.
Both players are as yet unbeaten, Haridas has 5½ pts. Gupta 5 pts.
The winner will be the outright under 11 Champion.

And the missed chance on move 18.

It's Ernie

Hi. I’m glad the boy missed the 18.Nxf6+ because it took the game into an ending.
I love King and Pawn Endings, Philidor once said….

(Philidor said a lot of things, get on with it………..greenpawn)

thyme - ZorroTheFox RHP 2009

We join the game with White about to trade down into a won ending.

Same theme, the creation of a passed pawn to deflect the enemy King.
Same RHP technique on how not to do it.

atlantean - glammuus RHP 2009

This next one features something we endgame buffs call Triangulation.
Philidor’s Mum once said….

Enough…Else it will be Strangulation….Bring on The Duck.

The Duck

Hi, Pity that wee lad missed the Nf6+ idea.
Philidor once said that if you see………

(…..a Duck then shoot it…..get on with it……greenpawn)

buddy2 - Thalassa RHP 2004

One last trick worth knowing.

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