The Rock + Carlsen Inspires a Blog + Davaniel's Delight

The Rock + Carlsen Inspires a Blog + Davaniel's Delight

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The Rock + Carlsen Inspires a Blog + Davaniel's Delight

Hi Chaps.

OK I did not go all the way to Mount Rushmore to kidnap
Swiss Gambit and sell him to a circus.

Infact I only went 100 yards from my house and chalked
that position on a lump of stupid rock that was lying outside
the Edinburgh Art College.

The Rock

Why the confession?

Because I got grassed up by my son.

Apparently the tender sole who ordered the chunk of rock
was most upset that someone had chalked a chess position on it.

This chiseler (I won’t call him a sculptor as that implies talent)
Demanded to know who done it. My son told him it was me.

So I have this doorstep confrontation with this raving crackpot wearing
dark glasses and a duffle coat screaming at me to reveal who SG is?

“Stalin’s Ghost.” I replied and before anymore was said the neighbor’s
dog saw him, jumped the fence and chased him off.

A nutter.

green bar

Want to see some Rook & Knight v Rook endings?

This bit was prompted by some recent OTB play.

M.Carlsen - W.l’Ami Wilk ann Zee 2011

Black is in check and the choices are Kh3, Kh5 or Kf3.

Black played the ‘safest’ move by moving away from the
edge of the board and lost (Kh3 or Kh5 are OK).

1…Kf3 2.Nh4+

And the Rook on a2 is the victim of a skewer.
2…Ke3 3.Rg3+ and Rg2 +.
Title here

So naturally I jumped into the 1400 DB looking for R + N v R endings.

Found 220.
58 were wins for the Rook & Knight in this theorectical drawn ending.

On here I recommend playing on if you have the Rook & Knight.
As the numbers show the defence has sometimes proved too much for the unwary.

Let us see some examples.

Pawnranger - Chrish Ward RHP 2007
Is a typical blunder I spotted in the games that were won.
White to play. Guess the gaffe.


Thinking pinning the knight will guarantee a draw.
Unfortunately…..Checks all Checks.

1…Nc7+ and the undefended White Rook is lost to a discovered attack.
Title here

rghulk - NeaBelestoiu RHP 2009
This one is the same idea but includes a piece of alert play and
a reminder, if ever one needed reminding, that sometimes just
any old move will not do.

Black to play.

Black has to move the Rook, but where?
Given the hint that something nasty is going to happen can
you see the ONLY square that does not lose the Rook.
(answer at the bottom)

Black played 1…Rf1?

White checked 2Rf6+

And no matter where the Black King goes a check with the Knight
discovers an attack on the f1 Rook. 1-0
Title here

Cheshire Cat - oishi RHP 2005
An off topic oversight happened earlier on in this game.
White hung his Rook to a Knight thinking his passed pawn would
require Black giving up his Rook to stop it.

Black to play.

Black played 1…Nb5+ and grabbed the pawn.

However he can take the Rook.

1…NxR 2.d7 Nf4 3.d7=Q Ne6+

And that would have been that.

Instead 30 moves later we arrived here with White to play.

1.Rg5+ is the move. Black has no forced win from here.
He needs some help from White.
How about walking into a mate in two.

1.Ka3? Nc4+ 2.Ka4 Rb4 mate.

Title here

Enough? One more.

This is good.
It carries with it that perverse humour that all of us love.

Always Remember:
There but for the grace of God…..

strummer - sbacat RHP 2009

Black to play

Black has a move here creating a stone dead draw.

1…Rg7 pinning the Rook to the King. The Rooks comes off. Draw.

Instead Black let his imagination get the better of him and
sought a draw by another way. Stalemate.

He played 1…Rf7?

Clever stuff this. If 2.Nxf7 stalemate.

One minor flaw. CHECK ALL CHECKS.

2. Rh6+ King moves and 3.NxR and no stalemate. 1-0.
Title here

We end with a 16 mover from davaniel.
Both sides set their armies up for the coming middle game.
Development is matched.

Black has a choice on move 8. Attack first or Castle.
Out comes 8...b5 forcing the Bishop to realise the dream
of all King's Bishop's.

These pieces are soley designed to sac on f7.

Sound or unsound? Looks OK to me.
White mated Black seven moves later.
That would not have happened without the sac.

davaniel - polo2000 RHP 2011

Title here


The square that does not drop the Rook is…


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Comments (10)

  • Posted 3195 days 13 hours and 49 minutes ago
    My first read of the blog; thoroughly enjoyed it ... at least it reconfirms my frequent blunders aren't unique !
  • Posted 3195 days 15 hours and 24 minutes ago
    The RHP players are all potential IM's and GM's.

    Stay with me boys and I'll get you there.
  • Posted 3197 days 5 hours and 14 minutes ago
    Standard membertharkesh gets the impression, rhp has everything already. i doubt there exists a similar example among gm or im, no? i would think that at similar players strength, this bishop sac will be exploited...
  • Posted 3200 days 13 hours and 37 minutes ago
    Going to test to see if a game linker works in the comment box.

    Game 6013259
  • Posted 3200 days 13 hours and 39 minutes ago
    Thanks again lads.

    Hi thaughbaer

    Cheers mate.

    Not the first time someone has compared my stuff to what
    appears in the Sun.
    I'm chuffed. The Sun is Britains top selling newspaper.

    (bet you never knew in the Fischer-Spassky boom The Sun
    actually had a chess column.)

    Next blog will have a page 3 girl just for you.
    (....and of course an instructive thaughbaer loss) 😉


    1.e4 e5 2. Bc4 Nf6 3. Bxf7! works.

    see game 6013259
  • Posted 3200 days 16 hours and 1 minute ago
    Standard membertharkesh

    so I didnt know, that the Kings bishop sole reason of existence is this sac on f7. Have to try that in my next game 😉 (Like 1.e4 e5 2. Bc4 Nf6 3. Bxf7! sac!)

    But in earnest, now I feel like to know more about the Bishop idea. Your posts are great! You write about Rook+Knight and make us interested in Bishops on f7. Thanks...
  • Posted 3200 days 16 hours and 51 minutes ago
    Standard membershorbock
    So SwissGambit is in fact Stalin's Ghost?
    That would explain everything
  • Posted 3200 days 16 hours and 55 minutes ago
    Bit of humour.. bit of stupdity.. bit of hari-kiri ( if that's how you spell it ). You're column is more like the Sun than the FT.. I think the Sun probably sells more copies and I know which one I've bought more recently. Can you include a Page 3 section next time ?

  • Posted 3201 days 2 hours and 16 minutes ago
    I think it's OK and truly berlieve players can learn
    from the games of the so called weaker player.

    At that level it's all about avoiding and spotting blunders.

    But try getting that past an editor and their readers.
    If it's not done by a 2700+ then it's not worth showing.
    And blunders in GM games are blue moon jobs.

    (Notice I myself have used Carlsen's name as a plug) 🙂
  • Posted 3201 days 2 hours and 27 minutes ago
    SubscriberPaul Leggett
    My friend, you should sell this one to a magazine- this is quality stuff that should put some (how do you Scottish guys say it?) quid in your pocket!
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