The Scotch Game + The Olympiad

The Scotch Game + The Olympiad

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The Scotch Game + The Olympiad

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I was asked to coach the Italian Women’s Olympiad Chess Team.

I course agreed and on the first day these 10 beautiful women and me
went swimming in the Mediterranean Sea and .....EEK!......A SPIDER.

I was dragged out my dream by a mad wife screaming the word ‘Spider’.

I know what you are thinking, how can a woman who can turn milk into
yoghurt just by simply starting at it be afraid of a wee spider, but it’s true.

Spiders in Scotland are sacred thanks to Robert the Bruce, they are protected by law.

The story goes he was hiding in a cave from the English and was about to give up
when he saw this spider trying to make a web but the wind kept blowing it down.

Again and again it tried but it kept on failing, but it eventually succeeded. Bruce
took the hint and inspired by the valiant spider carried on and won at Bannockburn.

(The spider said he could have done it on the first go but hates people watching him.)

Robert the Bruce also invented the Scotch Game. 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4.

He was playing at the Bannockburn Open and in this position with Bruce as White.

He picked up his d-pawn to play 3.d3 but a spider just happen to skittle across the board.
When it tried to cross the d4 square it was splattered by Bruce with the White pawn.
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His opponent insisted the move stood. Bruce played on with the pawn on d4 and won.
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By coincidence I recently won an RHP game using the Scotch Opening..

greenpawn - Blanca RHP 2016

If it’s any consolation at all to Blanca, I too recently resigned in a position
where I could have played on infact I was possibly winning when I resigned.

lbthree - greenpawn (that me!) THP 2016 Black to play

I simply overlooked I could play 12..NxR here (backward Knight moves)
and resigned. I’ve won dozens of games on RHP that I should have lost.
Every now and then you must give one back. It the Caissa law of Chess.

Back to the Scotch, I mention that 32 RHP games have ended with 6...Qxf3 mate..
However a total of 65 RHP games have lost a Black Queen to the counter pitfall.

We shall let Loki74 explain, who as Black has fallen for it in various forms 3 times.

aardvark99uk - Loki74 RHP 2008

Staying with the Scotch Game this weeks ‘Trapper of the Month’ is...
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clandarkfire - Augustus13 RHP 2009

red pawns

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red doom

A slight digression from the usual Chess stuff. This book...
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...was dropped into my lap.

A book with some of the answers given by contestants in Quiz Shows.
I’m no brain box myself but some of the answers given are hilarious.
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And this exchange took place when the quiz show host tried to help out.
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The Chess Olympiad is on in Baku. So a mini-Hall of Doom.

Jose Fernando Cubas (2470) - Kirill Stupak (2561) Baku Olympiad 2016

Of course Red Hot Pawn has a better example with the same set-up.

Talisman - nolaviking RHP 2010


Tang Tang (2108) - Handszar Odeev (2401) ) Baku Olympiad 2016

Black is in check and it’s mate next move, Black resigned and was given a win!

Sadly after the game a mobile was discovered in Tang Tang’s possession.
He was not using it to cheat, he just forgot to hand it in at the start of game
Players are not allowed, mobiles, watches............even the pens the supplied.
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