The Tennison Gambit + RHP Gold Dust.

The Tennison Gambit + RHP Gold Dust.

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The Chess Playing Automaton.

the turk

Automen duck

Yes but I can now reveal there was actually a man inside operating it!

flipped lid
green pawns

This is delightful. All I know about it is it was in a Russian Magazine in 1937.

White to play and draw. (author anybody?)

green pawns

Now for some interesting and instructive play from a couple of RHP games.

It’s good play never to ignore your opponents threats but maybe, just maybe
you can disregard the threat if you can create a more serious counter threat.

In this game Black spots White’s threat and reacts to it poorly allowing White
to carry out their threat. There was a better move, a counter threat that would
have muzzled White. A few moves later Black has a threat. White correctly
ignores it and sets up a bigger threat cum trap. Black steps on the landmine.

mating pattern

nawadaP - Zenic RHP 2011.


What I love about this blog is I get to do daft chess jokes, indulge in silliness
and at the same time bring to light otherwise never to been seen tactical jewels.

This next game, an accidental discovery, had me laughing, crying and longing for
my youth when I too played liked this. (who am I kidding, I still do but hopefully
with a bit more craft.) This one is joyfully brutal with a good time being had by all.
I’m honoured that I have been given the privilege of rescuing this game from obscurity.

White catches Black in the Tennison Gambit trap (Otto Tennison 1834-1909) and
wins the Black Queen, but they were lucky to do so as Black missed a trap-buster.

Then White spots a counter shot for Black that wins back the Queen and smartly avoids
it only to fall for the same idea a few moves later. All this packed into 14 glorious moves.

soulstriker - mig21 RHP 2019

green pawns

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 188908
I have decided to leave the comments off as I have no way other than keep coming
back here to see if any have been made. Any corrections etc just use the above link.
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