The Traxler and The Optician

The Traxler and The Optician

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This weeks puzzle (last week puzzle was the jig-saw)

J. Granda Zuniga - I Ibragimov, US Open, Los Angeles 2003

White to play and....?

A clue? OK.
trade down to a won ending


J. Granda Zuniga - I Ibragimov 2003.

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Private Eye April 2024
I never gave you a puzzle last time out so this time you are getting two!
This one I reckon is a wee bit easier and I am going to give you a huge clue.

Composed by J. Hasek in 1929

White to play and win. The clue is in this variation.


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About a month ago I was showing the kids I coach good things you can do
with Knights. Amongst the examples I demonstrated was the following game
from the Traxler or the Wilkes Barre variation of the Two Knights Defence.

I skipped though all the theory and variations and just headed for the instructive
position and the Knight mate. I only used the game because I like to show how these
positions came about and they are from actual games. Not positions I've made up.
A week later some of them played in an Allegro, they all tried the Traxler...and lost.

This is the game I showed the kids with the Knight mate.

J Cesena - J Dyke, San Francisco 1979 (do not show kids this game.)

A Red Hot Pawn game with the Traxler and the 6.Kf1 variation.

Grumms - mookid RHP 2014

Had a few days holiday touring the Scottish West Coast Islands.

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Despite my relaxed nautical disposition I never strayed far from the lifeboat
and made it a point to mingle with those who looked like strong swimmers.

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