The World Chess Champion 2016. The Winner!

The World Chess Champion 2016. The Winner!

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The World Chess Champion 2016. The Winner!

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And the winner scoring 3-1 in the Rapid (25 minutes) games
is Magnus Carlsen who retains his crown for another two years.

So much for the myth that one should avoid chess on your birthday.
Carlsen is 26 today, Karjakin turned 26 on the 12th of January.
There is an excellent chance that this match will not be the last
of the Carlsen - Karjakin encounters. We may see as many of
these as we did Kasparov - Karpov matches, all five of them!

I’ll give a brief summary of the game. The full PGN is at the bottom.

The Rapid Play off (Game 1) Sergey Karjakin was White.

A Ruy Lopez with most of the action taking place
on the Queenside and centre and a lot of exchanges.

One brief moment of joy when Carlsen threatened mate.

Carlsen is threatening 36...Qg1 mate.

But to no one’s surprise Karjakin spotted it and the game was soon drawn..

We have an RHP example of one of our lads missing the same mating pattern.

Patriot - The Ricster RHP 2011 (White to play)

White played 17.Qf3 allowing 17...Qg1 mate.

Next is the final position of Rapid Game one. Agreed drawn after 38 moves.

The Rapid Play off (Game 2) Magnus Carlsen was White.

A Giuoco Piano resulting in a position where Karjakin had to give up two pieces
for a Rook. Carlsen ahead on time played it calmly by slowly mounting the pressure
on Karjakin by making him lose more precious time trying to keep Carlsen at bay.

Just when it seems Carlsen is about to mate Black he allows the Queens to
come off taking us to a Rook against two Bishop ending. with level pawns.

But as the game progressed it became clear Magnus had seen the winning
idea but had to overcome some very accurate defending from Karjakin.

Suddenly Carlsen had a win on the board, he missed it and Karjakin
pulled a very instructive draw out of the air. This is must know territory.

"This is must know territory" I originally screwed the notes up thinking
g6 actually lost but BigDoggProblem spotted a flaw and I corrected it.

The clear missed win by Carlsen.

S. Karjakin - M. Carlsen Rapid Tie Break (Game 3)

After a ten minute break A Ruy Lopez and the previous game took it’s
toll on Karjakin who finally blundered and Carlsen for the first time in
the match took the lead. A disaster for Karjakin but there is one game left.

The Karjakin Blunder

White had to play 38.Rb1 and although it looks bad for
White there is no way for Carlsen to get at White’s King.

Carlsen replied with the obvious 38..Ra1 and Karjakin resigned right away.

M. Carlsen - S. Karjakin Rapid Tie Break (Game 4)

So it came down to the last game with Karjakin needing a win with
the Black pieces to stay in the match. He opted for a Sicilian and
did try to mix things up but Carlsen with his nose in front was not
going to get flustered and throw it away his crucial one game lead.

Carlsen defused the Black attempts to mix and crowned the game,.
with a beautiful Queen sacrifice. A worthy way to end the match.

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Carlsen and Karjakin at the press conference after the match.

The four games in full.

S. Karjakin - M. Carlsen Rapid Tie Break (Game 1)

M. Carlsen - S. Karjakin Rapid Tie Break (Game 2)

S. Karjakin - M. Carlsen Rapid Tie Break (Game 3)

M. Carlsen - S. Karjakin Rapid Tie Break (Game 4)

So that concludes the coverage of the 2016 World Championship.

Thank you for staying with me and a big thank you my fan club

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