Trick, Trap or Tragedy

Trick, Trap or Tragedy

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Trick, Trap or Tragedy

Does anybody know what has happened to The Duck. I’ve lost it.

I know it went south for the Winter but it appears to have disappeared.

Do ducks home like pigeons do?

The RHP 2013 Championship Stats Fantastic (last blog stats in brackets)

White wins so far 2391 (1901)
Black wins so far 2246 (1753)
Draws = 154 (126) just 5% of all games finished so far!

White Checkmates = 875 (776)
Black Checkmates = 776 (676)
Stalemates = 3 (3)

(377) (315) pawns have been promoted to a Queen.
6 (5) pawns have been promoted to a Rook
2 (2) under promotions to a Knight.
1 (0) under promotion to a Bishop
Last Blog I asked if some one would promote to a Bishop and fishplant duly obliged.

fishplant - czewiske RHP Ch 2013

White played 53. f8=B h5 43. Qxc5 Checkmate.
He could of course had taken a Queen, Rook or Knight.
Taking a Knight mates with Black on the brink of stalemate.
53. f8=N h5 54.Nd2 hxg4 (Black has no legal moves left) 55. Nb5 or 55. Ne5 mate..

Under promotions to a Bishop when only a Bishop will do are very very rare
They do pop up from time to time in studies. This one is ccomposed by Harold Lommer.

White to play and win (solution below and you have had a clue.)

Harold Lommer wanted to compose a study starting with White having just King
and pawns v a Black who has just one minor piece and pawns.

He writes in Assiac's Delights of Chess that this study became an obsession and he
was told by many fellow chess composers it could not be done.
(Note 'Assiac' is Caissa in reverse - Caissa is the patron of Saint of Chess.)

He plodded on and on and on ....
It not only nearly ruined his marriage but one winter night after slipping out of bed to,
‘have another go’, he studied deep into the cold night and caught bronchitis.
This study nearly killed him.

White to play and win.

Now you know the key it is not that difficult to solve, however it's creation is wonderful.

Trick, Trap or Tragedy (part I)

Helder (1542) - marikinaboy (1740) RHP Ch 2013.

Black plays a seductive piece for two pawns sac that was never going to work.
White slips into easy win mode and takes a taxi to cosy street.
But the taxi took a wrong turn, it got lost and so was the game.

The Thinker

OK. We now return you to the game.

WelshWhirlWind (1195) - hunterknox (1677) RHP CH 2013

Trick, Trap or Tragedy (part II)

White sets the same trap for Black (a check discovering an attack on the Queen.)
This time it was spotted.

pawntificate (1140) - Protelcom (1345) RHP Ch. 2013 [gid] 10060209[/gid]

A smashing and entertaining games as both players trade ideas and miscalculations.
Two massive unpunished blunders by Black and when White does play
his winning move it is unsound.
The perfect game for others to learn from as was played by their fellow peers.

Black to play. He spots the threat of Nxc7

..and deals with it by playing the imaginative….

Same game, we fast forward to here.

Black can take the Queen he just needs to slip in a check first.
When players offer their Queen up for apparently nothing then give it a serious good look. Quite often there is a clause attached, learn to and always read the small print.

Finally a short YouTube (2 minutes) to show you a trap I want you try on non-blog readers.
Any success’s then post in the Forum Thread that goes with this blog.

\" class="btn text-decoration-none btn-passive">A Chess Trap

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 154852
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